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Sloppy Jackpot

Friday, March 17 2017 Views: 174

        Morning of March 17, 2017. Friday.

        I find myself near what seems to be the checkout of a store (though I sense that I am watching while incorporeal as the other two males are never aware of me). It may be implied to be the one at the NightOwl convenience store. In addition to the cash register, there also seems to be a slot machine on the counter that faces the public. It is just to the right of the cash register when facing the counter from the checkout area.

        An unknown chubby male uses the slot machine (as the unfamiliar male behind the counter looks on to his left) and suddenly, a large number of coins fall out over the floor in front of the counter. I get the vague impression that there may have been some sort of mechanical error where coins from the cash register also somehow ended up in the slot machine.

        As well as the cascade of coins, a small kite also somehow ends up sliding a short distance across the floor (with the impression it came from behind the counter or even somehow from the slot machine). Both males look puzzled as they look down at the coins and kite.

        This waking transition metaphor was a little more felt than usual. That is, I felt a very slight falling sensation (which is solely biological) at the same moment that the metaphor was rendered (though not in a jolting sense as it was very mild).

        Kites have been part of waking transition metaphors since early childhood but certainly not as common as birds and airplanes (and more obvious waking transition symbols relating to flight occur in over one in five of my dreams).

        A cascade of coins has also occurred a number of times in past dreams as a waking prompt (though in early childhood, it occurred as other objects such as coal briquettes and more recently, both dried leaves and a large number of landing butterflies). Something dropping or collapsing as the waking prompt is very common. It does not have to be the dream self's perception of one's dream body falling during the waking stage. (However, there was an awareness of a slight shifting of my legs when the kite slid on the floor, the timing being exact.)

        Additionally, the checkout of a store is a recurring form of liminal space in the last stage of a dream, analogous to "checking out" of the dream state. The two males symbolize my emergent consciousness (man who gambles) and preconscious (cashier).

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