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Unfamiliar Phrases Near Unfamiliar Lake

Saturday, March 18 2017 Views: 123

        Morning of March 18, 2017. Saturday.

        I am in an unfamiliar area that overlooks a lake. It seems to be early afternoon. There is an additional small pond to my immediate right.

        My sister Marilyn appears, though as she was years ago. Still, I am aware that she had died. I talk to her and she seems cheerful. Even though we are outside, there is a shorter distortion of also being inside a room in a house, which seems vaguely like the west view from the doorway into the Loomis Street house kitchen. I am curious as to why she is present and it seems that I am the only one who can see her. I get the impression that others might be startled by her presence assuming anyone else is able to see her at any point. However, an unknown male is holding some sort of machine over the surface of the pond and he reports cheerfully that Marilyn's ghost is present because there are "medical ripples" in the water. (I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.)

        Looking down at the lake, I see a girl under the water. The water is very clear and seems no more than about four feet deep. I start to feel concern that it is our youngest daughter. She appears to be moving around under the water sideways as if she is half-asleep (which makes sense as water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep, though I am not lucid in any way). Even though I feel concern, she somehow drifts quickly near the shore of the lake where the water is minimal.

        At this point I am not sure if she is our daughter. It seems not, as a young unfamiliar female goes to her. She appears to be the mother. The girl seems okay but still seems to be mostly sleeping. An unknown male of about fifty, possibly a homeless person, starts yelling to no one in particular about the mother not watching her children very well and shouts that she should not get a "data loan" if she applies for one. (I have no idea what this means, either.)

        Ripples in the water might indicate a slight disturbance or discomfort in sleep. I am surprised I focused so much on The Sleeper (recurring dream state personification, though not always human - sometimes for example a sleeping animal or doll, that represents subliminal awareness of being asleep) without becoming lucid in any way. The man who shouts reflects the dynamics of my emergent consciousness, who seems atypically annoyed with the preconscious dynamics for whatever reason, almost like a (rare) biological glitch, though likely some sort of disruption in my sleep cycle. (In fact, "data loan" may actually relate to the preconscious being birthed from emergent consciousness as data can relate to consciousness data as well.)

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