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Babies and Puppies and Total Nonsense

Sunday, March 19 2017 Views: 85

        Morning of March 19, 2017. Sunday.

        Ben Walton (as possibly from the fifth or sixth season of "The Waltons") finds a litter of puppies and there is one male that has unusual markings. The puppies are a type of bulldog and are in a large basket near the end of an alley. I am not sure if someone else is still looking after them (though I think Ben may have bought the puppy).

        Prior to attaining the puppy, Ben did some sort of calculations and somehow reached the conclusion that the puppy would produce special offspring (possibly with the same markings, though also somehow related to pedigree status even though it would technically be a mongrel depending on the dog he was mated with). This will supposedly make him rich.

        Later, there is a scene where Erin Walton and Ben Walton are playing some sort of game at a small table. They appear to be winning or losing boxes of drinking straws. Ben has about six and Erin has two. Oddly, this seems to imply that Ben is losing.

        Erin finds some notebook paper with Ben's writing and somehow understands that he was using a calculation to gain an "unfair" advantage regarding the supposedly special puppy. She starts complaining about his selfishness and supposed "cheating" due to his advantageous understanding of mathematics.

        He reminds her of the supposed proverb "Visit yourself before you visit someone else". This is supposed to mean that you should look at your own faults or limitations before finding fault with others (though I suspect it may also have something to do with shared dreaming). At any rate, it turns out that Ben's calculations were incorrect and the puppy will not make him rich after all.

        My dream shifts into a completely unrelated scene. Nancy Reagan (July 6, 1921-March 6, 2016) is on an airplane trip to California (with Ronald Reagan), having flown from somewhere west and over the Pacific Ocean. She is going to have two of our babies (and I sense they might be boy and girl). They will also be raised by them. I do not consider how preposterous this situation is. I consider that Zsuzsanna and I will probably be able to meet them one day (when they will only then learn that we are their real parents).

        I am watching some sort of monitor near the top of a wall (in an unfamiliar building). It has four digits in what seems to be an LED display. It requires being read from right to left instead of left to right. The original display is "0 0 3 1" at one point (to be read as "1 3 0 0"). I wait in anticipation, because it is supposed to read as "1 1 0 0", which it soon does. This means that she had one baby, and then two hours later, the other one. (There is some sort of skewed logic whereby "two hours" is subtracted from the three to then read as one baby. It seemed to make sense in my dream even though it actually makes no sense at all.)

        I do not even know where to begin with this ridiculous mess. Normally, decoding a dream of this type is quite easy. The only things that I can relate directly is the airplane trip (return flight waking transition) and the drinking straws, which seem to symbolize Zsuzsanna and I being in different levels of sleep (since a straw can suck up water and by which there would then be a "water lowering" sleep cycle dynamic implied, especially as Ben is "losing" with more straws, implying faster dream cessation). This drinking straw symbolism goes way back to when I was six years old, where I deliberately drank through a straw to subliminally initialize the waking prompt after winning a fight with a dream character (schoolyard bully). As a dog can symbolize obedience to the dynamics of the dream state, there may be some sort of atypical subliminal lucidity which my dream self passively rejected this instance. (Additionally, apex lucidity does not seem as viable in this hotter weather.) The last scene, with the four-digit display, is an obvious circadian rhythms factor; a distortion of our digital clock, which also has four digits, though the subliminal focus on time (and related real-time circadian rhythms metaphors) does not typically dominate the last scene of a dream as here.

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