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Moving Furniture and Closing Windows in Cubitis

Saturday, May 13 2017 Views: 86

        Morning of May 13, 2017. Saturday.

        Imagine if the mythical "subconscious mind" actually existed. I would not know where I lived or how old I am or what year it is, and I likely would not be able to tell my head from a hole in the ground. I usually take "subconscious mind" to be the incorrect term people use for the unconscious areas and associated events when linked to the conscious self identity in sleep. However, as the unconscious aspect of the one and only mind is far more accessible and discernible when awake and within ordinary consciousness, that may not be the case.

        At any rate, in my dream, I am back in Cubitis. I have not lived in Cubitis since 1978, and yet it remains my most common dream setting (though always different as, as I have written numerous times, no dream setting is ever the same in more than one dream). Why? Is it because it was the last place I lived in a family environment with my parents? Is it because it was the only place I ever had actual legal ownership of in part? It is because of being the location of going from childhood to adulthood? Is it because of having lived for a longer time period there than anywhere else? Is it because of being the location of the most significant traumas in my life? Is it because I spent the most years in school there (and being that becoming unconscious and dreaming is losing critical thinking skills and thus the extremely limited temporary dream self seeks conscious identity again with the school symbolism)? My main theory is that it relates to a sort of dream state alchemy since it is where I physically changed from childhood to young adulthood and thus somehow relates directly to circadian rhythms or is symbolic of circadian rhythms. This seems true in many cases, because Cubitis dreams seem more likely to have dream signs (that is, real-time subliminal memory that one's physical body is actually asleep). On another note, because Zsuzsanna (and our children) now appears in settings I have been since early childhood (though she has never been to America, at least physically), including Cubitis (with my dream self having no memory of the scene being erroneous, as with the extremely erroneous nature of most non-lucid dreams), there is probably more to it.

        Still, this dream is of a specific type I have not had that much over the last twenty years. I am moving the furniture around in my room, most of it being unfamiliar furniture. I see my bed (most common first-level dream sign), a chest of drawers, a desk, a small end table, and some other furniture. I try a few different arrangements with no memory of physically doing it, thus it occurs possibly by will of mind alone. My bed remains a bit easterly of where it last was before moving to Wisconsin in 1978 (that is, adjacent to the west wall, head facing south) although it is an actual bed and not a drop-down couch (that became a bed) as I really had in the last couple years prior to moving.

        The last part of my dream is a recurring scene of the most vivid dream situation I have experienced relating to this type. I am in the Cubitis living room late at night and no one else is around. I am near the east windows that otherwise present a view of the backyard, except that it is always too dark to see anything outside. In this case, as with previous versions, I am aware that the jalousie windows are all open. A couple panes are cracked with a least a couple missing.

        As in many dreams, my sense of touch is greatly enhanced (but not to the point of being close to unbearable or overly blissful as in other dream states). I clearly feel the exaggerated touch and momentum of my right hand on each cool metal handle as I wind down the jalousie windows and lock them at the middle of the left vertical frame with my left hand. However, the lock does not fully pull down or work correctly (as is often the case in real life with jalousie windows that I have seen in Australia but not in Florida). I move from left to right (north to south), making sure all the windows are at least mostly down based on what I have to work with. As is usually the case in this situation, I have concern that a cougar that had possibly entered the backyard (though this is not certain as I rarely ever see or hear one) will get into the house.

        The Cubitis living room, in a mostly featureless state but also with a vivid enhanced essence, is also where some of my most long-term precognitive experiences occurred. For example, my dream of "dancing" with an unusually rendered Charlie Pride exactly one year to the day from meeting him in real life, something I never expected to occur. (Then again, I did not really expect my dream girl to be a real person, with hundreds of accurate nuances, including exact appearance and unlikely heritage, exact birthday, and unique mixed accent, but that is how it turned out. What a wonderful surprise. It completely changed my view on what dreams, at least some types, actually are. While some inexperienced people pretend that dream characters are always projections of the self, I cannot afford to be so ridiculous. The temporary dream self, upon each unique incarnation, other than in vivid lucid dreams, is rarely related to the conscious self identity other than via waking symbolism.)

        So what is it that blessed me so intensely and for so long (and thus far, to this day)? I think in part that it relates to knowing what dreams (that is, the various types) really are. Even as a child, I recognized that the temporary dream self, the fictional temporary erroneous "me", with a different false memory set each and every time, often had little or nothing to do with current conscious self status (the mistake most people keep making over and over again). This particular dream is fairly easy to understand. My dream self is looking into the depths of non-existence, since my dream self is brief and unreal. It has nothing to do with my conscious self in this case. I have no fear of darkness or the unknown. In fact, I am more concerned with the infinite pretense and offensive beliefs of most so-called normal people, which to me, is far darker than the unknown or unexplained.

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