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March into the Television (and more telepathy)

Sunday, May 14 2017 Views: 107

        Morning of May 14, 2017. Sunday.

        I am seemingly in our present home, though the view is more extensive and as if I am looking from a fictional larger area on the east side of the lounge room.

        There are some minor random events relating to family activity. At one point, I notice a line of about six girls. They are walking north in a seemingly impossible way so that it appears that the top halves of their bodies are missing, though actually bent around like a contortionist. I find this extremely strange as I watch. I get the impression that they are going "back" into the television. I am not sure that what I am seeing is "real" or some sort of altered holographic imagery.

        Soon, I see my wife Zsuzsanna in a similar position. She seems to be mimicking the other girls in a comedic sense, sort of mocking what they are doing. However, her head is higher, somehow directly above where her waist would be. (The actual imagery would be impossible in this second case.) She is also walking towards the television but I know she will not go "into" it.

        It did not take long after waking to learn that, once again, I had been dreaming of something that only Zsuzsanna had seen and thought about and not mentioned to me at all. She had been looking at a photograph of a young contortionist in the same position as the girls in my dream. In fact, she even had the same thought on whether or not it was real imagery. Still, there may also be some minor influence from ZZ Top's "Rough Boy" music video, though this is only a guess, as I had not seen it since 1986.

        This has happened on a day to day basis all my life (even long before we met). I had concluded long ago (even as a child) that so-called normal people are not "all there" (which is something both my parents used to say fairly often as well). Whatever it is, ordinary people are "missing" something, which is so obvious to me (and so consistent throughout my life), it really stands out. I am not exactly sure what it is that is "missing" other than sentient presence I have only felt from a few people in my lifetime. This has never been problematic for me. I could have used it to my advantage in rising up a couple grades in school a few different times (as it was recommended), but I did not want to be away from friends around my own age.

        I still do not know all the mechanisms and dynamics (some probably biological) behind how The Source works. Because many of my dreams throughout my life were influenced directly by The Source or Zsuzsanna (many in a non-current scenario as the so-called subconscious has no concept of time or space, which might partly explain one aspect of precognition), this is one more reason why dream "interpretation" is not inherently feasible (let alone the nature of dreams being primarily sleep induction and waking symbolism which hardly anyone seems to understand at all - despite how glaringly obvious it often is - as I have written before, it does not seem possible that people would not know this). There seems to be no precise way to localize certain events to their event horizon. I could ask, in some cases, if it was me picking up on Zsuzsanna, or if it was Zsuzsanna "sending" to me without realizing it. Certainly when I lived in America, I was distinctly aware of Zsuzsanna "sending". In other cases though, it seems to be something within me (that is, initiated by me, just below the threshold of direct conscious self identity). Only one other female (Susan) had this. One male (Kenny) was the only male who had strong telepathic presence, but it was sent in musical phrasing. I would have a song suddenly come into my mind and he would start singing it, two examples, the one when I first met him being "After the Ball" (and how many people know that song, especially as it is from 1891), another being "Wooden Heart" (which he also sang in German as immediately foreshadowed - which makes two factors, both the song and the language, so not just "one" layer for people who are unlearned enough to consider it coincidental).

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