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My Stand on the Mythical Subconscious "Mind"

Sunday, May 14 2017 Views: 130

        Night of May 14, 2017. Sunday.

        Recently, a shortsighted individual felt the need to make a very short harassing comment on my entry on a site (one which I do not post on much compared to the two main sites) which automatically indicated that they did not even bother to read much of what I had written in that entry - so me taking the time to explain what I had already written would be pointless. I ignored them and deleted the entry (as that site apparently does not allow deletion of comments) and re-posted the same entry - and I would do this as many times as it takes to "remove the chaff" so to speak.

        Regardless, I will clarify some points on the two main sites (and possibly on the other one at a later date as "side notes"). Do not forget that I have studied dreams all my life. I am not impressed by people who "kept a dream journal for two years" or whatever. I am even less impressed by someone looking up something on the Internet and claiming it automatically has credibility.

        I am going to try to make this as clear as I can:

        Many people ridiculously claim the "subconscious mind" has knowledge, presumably accurate memory, or even things not consciously remembered (one of the cop-outs used by people who deny precognition, even when the dreamer could not possibly have had any visual access to a particular feature or event). Really? Then why do my non-lucid dreams never render correct settings? I have never dreamt of the same dream setting more than once in my entire lifetime, of tens of thousands of closely studied dreams. Most dream settings are unique composites (unique in every dream) of various places I have lived, worked, gone to school, or visited, though many unidentifiable. There are continuous bizarre flaws in thinking when in some dream states - which proves the "subconscious" is as dumb as a rock. Other than precognition (both visual and situational) hardly anything is sensible in any way. It completely escapes me how anyone could believe the "subconscious mind" has "answers" or "messages". I do not even know where to begin on how absurd this sounds to me (especially after fifty years of working with dreams). Whatever messages I have received within my mind have come from two main sources, one being The Source (which seems to be some external force of the universe itself, or at least biological aspects of nature), the other being Zsuzsanna (though there were a few times when my mother "sent", as well as Kenny - but he sent solely song titles in musical phrasing and this seemed like some sort of simultaneous event rather than typical telepathy, that is, seeming to be both myself and him at the same time rather than sending and receiving the other way).

        Some people would like to try to convince me that the hypnagogia I see (up to two hours per night while mostly awake), and have seen since earliest memory, somehow comes from solely my mind. Really? If you think I am that ridiculous or shortsighted, you should perhaps not be reading my dream journal at all. There is no possible way that these energy forms come from solely my "subconscious". I have often pondered on how or why people could expect me to believe this.

        As the subconscious band (at least one wavelength of it) has no concept of time or space (which is why I am different ages in my dreams though that does not explain other totally skewed elements including alternate timelines), why do people always assume their dreams relate to the current timeline or current conscious self identity? Good question. I have many, far too many to even post.

        Also, whether an aspect of the "subconscious" or of another band of consciousness, why alternate timelines? I already know I probably would not have had much of a life without meeting Zsuzsanna - or at least not validated thousands of clues that would have remained unresolved. Is this something that The Source wants to remind me of? (Then again, the majority of people in the world never work with their dreams or even their own mind at all, so I guess that is moot.)

        I am not a mean-spirited person. I simply have no patience with people attempting to sway me from fifty years of direct experience. Why would anyone even bother anyway? What am I to them that they feel the need to be overwhelmingly idiotic? Regardless of what I write or know to be true for myself, I am fairly certain that any sane person would believe more in their own experiences than a random person on the Internet. Therefore, I sincerely doubt that I am “evil” or "brainwash" people, or even influence anyone at all (other than my legal role as a K12 educator), as one poster seemed to think before he thankfully was restricted to his own site. Still, I never would have believed there would be a schoolmate trying to convince me in our adult life that the world was flat and that the sun moves above the flat world and that Satanists are "hiding God". She cheerfully "knows" this and she thinks I am unenlightened and ignorant because of this. This is proof that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some people will hold on to pure nonsense for whatever reason, whether or not it is their idea.

        Another question I could consider is, why would nature or the universe even create a brain without the ability to link to other brains at a nonverbal level (even over a great distance), in either biological ways or via "other dimensions"? How ridiculous does one have to be to think there is no connection between certain unseen energies? It is certainly seen in nature. In fact, animals that do not communicate in unseen ways in nature often do not survive at all.

        When I say I do not believe in the "subconscious mind", I hope this entry clarifies the reason just a little. Please at least try to be reasonable. When you take out the "subconscious mind", what do you have? It is a fluid and continuously changing filter. It has no knowledge, no memory, no "superiority" as some people horrendously believe.


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