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A 3D Printer, Orthodontic Headgear, No Brains, and Lucidity

Lucid Intent

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Wednesday, May 17 2017 Views: 237

        Morning of May 17, 2017. Wednesday.

        I was experimenting with a different type of induction last night. Needless to say, it had a very odd influence. Only the last scene is partly based on a conscious script.

        In the first scene, I am in bed in our present home but not lucid. I am aware that we have a 3D printer in the lounge room. Zsuzsanna tells me about making something with it and I assume she means something like a figurine, perhaps a cat or teddy bear knickknack.

        Instead, she brings over what she made and it turns out to be a section of teal-colored embossed cardboard of about A3 size. It is somewhat shiny and the design is made up of equidistant curled leaves with S-shaped lines connecting them.

        The personified preconscious appears, but curiously does not dominate the scene or initiate any familiar waking symbolism. He seems to be wearing some sort of large orthodontic headgear, like a metal frame slightly higher than his head and sitting on his shoulders. We sit facing each other. I see "him" as some sort of unusual "partner" who may actually be female. I vaguely think of my mother (though my father as well for a short time), especially as the setting seems to be a version of the northeast corner of the Cubitis living room - but I seem to think we are the same age even though "he" seems to be around eighty years old. I try to project deep love into his (her?) eyes. We might even have been married for fifty years or so. The eyes knowingly gaze back at me and I sense both weariness and incredible persistence despite the state of their health. I try to be sincere in my love, regardless of how bizarre this entity appears. I want to make sure that this entity is aware of my love for them. I keep staring at "him" and slowly, it seems that she is going to go shopping.

        I stand up and look down at her as she is still sitting and facing me. The inside of her head is mostly hollow, somewhat like a container. It seems very strange to me that there is no discernible brain. In fact, the back of her head is mostly missing. When she looks up at me, a lot of white and red fluid flows from the back of her head (over the lower edge of the open space) onto the floor. I am puzzled as to whether this could be problematic and whether it relates to some sort of left-over brain energy. I tell her of this but she seems slightly annoyed over my concern for her and gets up to go shopping. At this point, the area seems to be somewhat like the second floor of the King Street boarding house, the second room back from the front (north) of the mansion. However, it turns back into the Cubitis living room in the next scene.

        I am in the semidarkness now but a doorway is discernible from where some light is coming through. It is a bit east of where the hidden door was in reality to the room my father built (which blended in perfectly with the knotty pine wall as it was the same piece from the wall).

        I go over to it and look out and see that it seems to be late morning. There is a slight lucidity, which begins to grow. I absentmindedly create several random dream characters that walk about in the yard between the orange grove and the carport. Despite doing this, I am not fully lucid (and still consider whether I am dreaming or not). I feel slightly annoyed that the doorway does not seem wide enough to suit me (even though it is). I use my right hand and arm to actually move the entire right door frame so that it slides back like a sliding door (even though it is not a sliding door). (Despite my age, I do not presently recall doing this specific act before in a dream, as potential re-induction is usually only based on opening a door, not causing the doorway and wall to change).

        I walk over and sit on the ground and have a younger version of Zsuzsanna stand over me and we soon indulge in lovemaking. An unknown young Asian male, in some sort of Darth Vader costume (though without the mask) stands too close to us for a time. I push him away, though not making him fall over. There is a soft awakening, but quite different than the blissful one of one of my dreams from yesterday.

        This is apparently the first time that re-induction was subliminally initiated by the "brains" of the preconscious persona spilling out of the back of "his" head onto the floor. Whatever next. (This level of subliminal control over the transpersonal is amazing, I think.) At least it delayed my waking transition for about ten minutes.

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