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A Disliked Song in a Field

Friday, May 19 2017 Views: 62

        Morning of May 19, 2017. Friday.

        I am with a group of unknown and unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar field. The time is uncertain, though it may be morning. They are perhaps in their twenties, though I seem young as well. There are no buildings or cars around. I am not sure what is going on. In the distance, over and from beyond a small hill (to my left), is heard some sort of unusual music, which first strikes me as tribal, though possibly a good dub reggae mix. Over time, the other people seem to be annoyed by the music and make negative comments about it. At times, I hear out-of-place snare fills in random parts of the music.

        Finally, I start to realize that the song is actually in waltz time and sounds like the melody of "My Wild Irish Rose". I even mention this to the others. At first, I enjoyed at least part of the melody, but everyone else does not like it at all, though I do not say much other than where the melody came from. There is also singing at one point but I do not discern the words (though I know it is not "My Wild Irish Rose"). (For some reason, this song has been going through my head in reality, though there is absolutely no reason why it should be, especially as I had not heard it in many years. I hear it as if by a group of drunk men singing very cheerfully, with laughter and dramatic pauses and no instrumental elements at all.)

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