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Frankenstein Monster Not a Threat (on North Monroe Street)

Tuesday, January 2 1968 Views: 67

        Night of January 2, 1968. Tuesday.

        I am living on North Monroe Street (Florida) and there is an absentminded desire to open the front (south) door to briefly look outside even though it seems late at night (or even "a time that I have never been awake before").

        Frankenstein's monster is standing just outside the doorway, but not moving. For a moment there is a sort of perceived threat, but then I hear snoring and realize that he is asleep (even though he is standing).

        Still, his shoes are on my side of the doorway. I quickly and carefully place them outside on the front step and close the door. (There is only one door, as the screen door is missing.) (I do not recall waking from this dream, which was a late night dream.)

  • Influenced by "The Evil of Frankenstein" (from 1963). Curiously, I had seen a lot of Dracula and other vampire movies as well as Frankenstein movies, yet have rarely dreamt of vampires in my lifetime, especially in childhood (though none were what I would call threatening or nightmarish), though the Frankenstein monster had appeared in several childhood dreams (though not really nightmarish either).
  • This is a threshold dream type, which often serves as the waking symbolism (and actual waking prompt). However, placing the shoes outside is a subliminal attempt at re-induction (as I do not sleep with my shoes on).
  • The snoring I hear is probably mine. I used to consider whether I was hearing one of my parents snore in dreams like this, but have since decided on its unlikelihood (as how could I hear them that clearly from another room?). (The idea that one cannot snore and dream at the same time is one of many mindless virtually unlimited myths about dreams. I have been awakened a number of times in my life and told I was snoring when I was in the middle of a dream.)
  • The Frankenstein monster is The Sleeper here (rather than an active emergent consciousness factor), that is, a dream sign dream character rendered due to a subliminal awareness of being asleep in the dream state.
  • There being only one door is dream state "economics". I have seen this type of error in thousands of dreams. If there had been two doors (wooden door and screen door), my dream would not have occurred in this specific manner.

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