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Lava Lines and Cracked World

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Saturday, January 2 1971 Views: 83

        Morning of January 2, 1971. Saturday.

        This dream is in two parts, though also seems to be in two different stages of the dream state. As previously mentioned in relating to certain dreams of June 26, 2017, just randomly looking back on this childhood dream influenced dreams of this later date (most significantly, "Sealing the Globe"), the originals from 1971 having been influenced by the movie "Crack in the World" (1965), even more curiously, the many microdreams of the beginning of a sleeping period also being influenced as such on both dates (though I often otherwise lucidly regulate hypnagogia, consciously deciding which setting to step into, and the sequences of continuous microdreams, often either sensual and blissful or relating to healing rituals).

        In one part, the tiles of my bedroom floor become more divided by red lines, which eventually seem to be very small lava streams between the tiles. Something about this seems wrong, but no lucidity results. The room is otherwise dark and the time seemingly late at night. (This may also relate to my small heater sometimes coming on, which rattled and glowed brightly near the center of my room throughout the night.)

        In another part, I have a globe similar to the one at school. It is in the southwest area of my room, closest to the head of my bed, which is lengthways along the west wall, head to the south. The globe is illogically cracked to where the east and west hemispheres are partly uneven (one side of the globe slightly higher than the other, though it still turns). This crack seems to relate to the large crack (a real-life feature) on the south wall of our cinder block house. I do not consider how unlikely it would be that the two features are somehow connected.

        Lava may relate to blood or blood flow (real-time biological association) and reading about the circulatory system, a volcano sometimes symbolizing the heart but not in every case (though there was no volcano seen in this dream and whether or not it was implied to be real lava was somewhat ambiguous). However, when red is more visible in the dream state, it typically means waking priority (in cases where I had been sleeping too long), a waking prompt of a number of my dreams since childhood where in rare cases, everything becomes red and in at least a few cases, caused by daylight perceived through my closed eyelids.

        This first part has a vaguely similar association with "The Volcanologists" from July 25, 2016, where (verbatim): "Suddenly, at one point as we are walking, we are all in the Cubitis living room. I gaze cautiously at a small bright orange circle (like a shallow hole possibly revealing orange rather than red lava inside) on the knotty pine wall to the right of the hidden door that was there in real life, somehow linked to a light switch in this otherwise dark room."

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