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Not Darth Vader

Monday, July 10 2017 Views: 140

        Morning of July 10, 2017. Monday.

        I am at a checkout, possibly at the NightOwl Convenience Store near where we live (and the orientation seems similar), though there is no backstory to my present dream self's focus. (I had not recalled doing any shopping as is sometimes the case.)

        Firstly, I consider uncertain details of the setting as I see a dark figure with what I first think is a "Star Wars" lightsaber, which quickly comes on in full (rather than growing outwards from the handle). However, it is the cashier. He leans forward with a tubular fluorescent light bulb. Still, it is not really logical in that the light bulb was not in any ceiling lamp (though I do not consider this possible error).

        "Oh, I thought you were Darth Vader," I say somewhat absentmindedly.

        He scowls incredulously and looks at me as if he thinks I may have lost my mind.

        By some strange coincidence, I Googled "scowls incredulously" to see how often the phrase is used and one of the first items that came up was "Zuvio | The Non-Canon Star Wars Wiki".

        The checkout of a store is recurring dream exit symbolism. (That is, it symbolizes leaving the dream state.) In this case, the light bulb coming on symbolizes the emergence of thinking skills that only the conscious self possesses fully (and has been used to represent "getting an idea" as such in virtually thousands of illustrations over the years as well as animated film). It is typical of the preconscious to regard the dreamer in a non-lucid scene in a condescending fashion as it is closer to representing consciousness (though not fully), seeing the transient non-lucid dream self identity as inferior in many cases (at least in liminal space as here).

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