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Meandering in a Computer Environment

Monday, July 10 2017 Views: 101

        Early evening of July 10, 2017. Monday.

        In a long meandering dream during a nap, numerous unrelated events unfold. There is a scene where I am on Facebook and a number of different people comment on a photograph of Zsuzsanna and me when we were first together. Dennis (half-brother on my mother's side) posts the same photograph that I had, but it appears larger and is upside-down, and I have a white silhouette of the map of Australia on my forehead (though being upside-down, it looks like a distorted version of a United States map, though I still see it as Australia in my dream). I am aware that Dennis superimposed the white map silhouette on my forehead to be funny (though in real life, photographs are not that large in comments), though seemingly also related to July 4th somehow (relating to an unknown gag on his part).

        In another scene, I am taking something out of a package, but I am not sure what it is. Amidst other items, there is a small cylinder with some sort of watery cyan liquid of which some splashes out and makes it difficult for me to breathe for a short time due to a possible poisonous vapor. It had been carelessly mailed without the lid fully over it (though I am not sure what it is for; possibly a computer printer ink cartridge). A similar scene happens after this and I complain about how careless people are when they mail stuff (though realistically, any contents would have fully leaked out by the time I got it, I think.) (This scene is likely a dream-state rendering of actual slight changes in my breathing while I was asleep, which usually only happens in certain evening naps, and mostly only if I had eaten something prior to sleep.)

        The setting is very ambiguous. Although it seems to be implied to be our home, there is also a large rectangular room off from another room, making an L shape. I see a lot of desktop computers and computer printers. An unknown young female seems to be having issues with her computer, which seems related to some sort of business, though she is seemingly talking to her boss by telephone. I notice that one printer may not be printing as it should, which I think is my family's. It might be related to cutouts of dolls. This is because the unknown female walks past me through the room and points up at the top of a doorway and cheerfully says something about a Dora the Explorer doll I had supposedly made from paper. The doll is three-dimensional but made mostly of curved pieces of loosely attached pieces of pale green paper. It is atop the upper left corner of the doorway. It looks more like a strange incomplete mix of Wendy the Good Little Witch and a frog. The eyes are more frog-like, set back farther in the face under the hood, but the overall body and costume resembles Wendy's. I acknowledge the unknown female when she happily points at it and I do not argue with her and in fact accept that it might be intended to be Dora the Explorer. (Dolls are typically a real-time dream-state indicator, in that the conscious self's physical body does not move much within sleep.)

        In another scene, I open a folded piece of notebook paper and a small purple spider jumps up at me, though I am not sure if it had bitten me as it goes somewhere beyond my left arm. There are several repeated loops of the same event, where the spider jumps different unrealistic distances, always going to my left prior to each “reset” but at different heights. Soon, going into another unfamiliar room, I ask our oldest son (who seems about six or seven years younger) if he knows about this type of spider. I look up and there are two spiders near the corner of the wall, one being similar to the one that I had seen just previously and I acknowledge this to him and our youngest son. (Although our youngest son appears to be the correct age, our oldest son is only a few years older than him in my dream, but my dream self does not recognize this error.) Apparently, the spider can jump really high but is not dangerous. I consider if it may jump down from its web on the wall but it does not, though it seems to prepare to a couple times.

        This is mostly only a random visionary dream, though I am somewhat wary of the paper "doll" in the threshold (doorway) element, as it was hooded (which is almost always precognitive of a virus or illness with me or someone in the family, though our middle son had already been mildly ill today and Wendy the Good Little Witch seems less ominous than other hooded figures). Still, even the preconscious is friendly as she probably does not care that I am taking a nap in the evening. Curiously, prior to full sleep, I had two upper back spasms about five minutes apart, which is rare, as I typically only have one when entering the first light state of semi-consciousness. (Also, in my childhood and young adult years, it was usually only my lower back, usually the small of my back.) Despite the spider as a waking prompt precursor, the waking was quite soft and slow.

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