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Monday, July 10 2017 Views: 200

        Night of July 10, 2017. Monday.

        I am sitting in the darkness of a large unfamiliar rectangular room, never rendered in any previous dream, though my dream self "recognizes" and accepts it as our present home (as is usually the case). There is seemingly no furniture in the room other than the chair I am sitting in and the table that my desktop computer is on. Along the wall I am facing while at my computer are four equidistant doorways with apparent access to most of our house. (I have never been in such a layout in real life and its unusual nature does not trigger any thoughts of it being wrong. The layout is similar to another recent dream and is therefore a carryover, though in the previous dream, of July 2nd, my location in seeing the four adjacent rooms is as if from a featureless hall, and unlike with this dream, there was no awareness of the opposite side of my location.)

        As I sit at my computer in the dark room, I contemplate briefly checking Facebook. However, instead of using the bookmark, I start to type out the entire URL. I firstly type out characters that are incorrect (a common dream event as critical thinking is not viable in the dream state), but I eventually "succeed" in typing the MySpace URL, not at all considering that this is not what I had originally intended. Curiously, the incorrectly spelled previous links bring me to webpages that seem like partial pieces of the actual site. This ridiculous impossibility does not register to my dream self as being an erroneous but intriguing unique concept and I always find such distortions hilarious after waking. (On a side note, I have never held an interest in MySpace and have not even seen the site in many years, though this is more a subliminal awareness associated with my space in the bed.)

        Something shifts within my consciousness and level of awareness; a type of augmented subliminal lucidity; that is, a subtle realization that I am creating my world, but without the understanding that I am dreaming. After this, my dream becomes a less common type primarily based on tactile factors. (This subtle realization that I am making my dream without remembering what a dream is is very common and occurs with a number of other dream types and has since earliest memory.)

        I deliberately try to force the setting into being haunted, including trying to force a fabricated history of previous hauntings to initialize this (a lifelong recurring event in the non-lucid dream state, probably an influence by my enjoyment of haunted house movies) though my willful effort does not initiate for a few minutes. Finally, I feel my fictional physical body moving from a vertical position to a horizontal position (with no falling jolt) as unseen implied ghosts (possibly that of two or three dogs) are dragging me across the floor. There is a brief "blind spot" regarding the change, like a subtle skip in my dream's continuity. I feel a tightening around my waist as I am being dragged feet-first on my left side to the other side of the room, but it is not unpleasant or nightmarish (and there is also the ambiguous feeling of being pushed as such at the same time). (In the back of my mind, I am aware that I alone am causing this.) I still call out for help, being aware that Zsuzsanna may be somewhere in the house. I am not clear on whether or not there is a door on the opposite side of the room, though which I vaguely consider would be the entry into this house rather than another room. My focus on this possibility remains ambiguous as I consider Zsuzsanna being "outside" this structure as on another level of existence, not quite bilocation, but probably subliminal realization that she is next to me in reality. I wake up kicking and rolling about and softly speaking gibberish (rather than whining or moaning as with most tactile hypnopompia), but this does not wake Zsuzsanna.

        This dream type is so different from other dream types that it is like a different type of unconscious experience. Most such dreams have far less imagery (sometimes none at all, being mostly augmented touch and sense of weight and momentum) regardless of the three-dimensional awareness of the setting. Most such dreams seem to be specifically caused by the enhanced awareness of the weight of a blanket or the body's sleeping position (and in this case, I went from my original fictional dream body's upright position into my actual sleeping position, though changing it in hypnopompia), yet for some reason, my dream self takes on the role normally reserved for the preconscious with an unusual pretense that there are "ghosts" present, being aware it is my own doing on a lesser level, typically likely caused by simply wanting to change my sleeping position within sleep (which has been verified with a number of past examples). It is highly unlikely that this type of dream has any additional meaning or purpose. Whereas many non-lucid dreams are based on the symbolism incidentally built from the subliminal expectation of the waking transition, this type seems solely based on ongoing environmental factors. There is a very big difference, which is likely why the mood, tone, and level of awareness is completely different.

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