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Dropping the Snares

Wednesday, July 12 2017 Views: 55

        Morning of July 12, 2017. Wednesday.

        I am in an unusual abstract state but I am vaguely aware of a three-dimensional landscape below, as I fly, that mostly seems like a long valley in an unknown rural region. Somehow, I see this landscape as a wave format for music (of the spectrograph type).

        I know that my task is to complete the wave "file" or "recording" by dropping a snare into each position as if to complete the last instrumental track in sequence (though there is no sound). (As such, the kicks would be represented by separate hills, and each hat sequence, a line of trees, and pianos or guitars, logs or small structures.) This state continues for a long time, and I do not see it as "wrong" in any way.

        As I fly over the region, I never question where all the snare drums are coming from. They just appear in my hands and I drop them into position. I do not reflect upon them changing into anything else upon reaching their proper location.

        I often have abstract dreams as such when having worked on music or computers for a time. Most are not as clearly defined as this one.


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