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False Mountain Range

Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 205

        Morning of July 15, 2017. Saturday.

        I am in an unknown region which is rural and is somewhat like a national park. (I am not sure which country it is though it seems like it might be America, possibly in the northeast.) Over time, I marvel at the beauty of the open fields and horizon. I especially enjoy the view of the distant mountain range.

        The manager of the park makes an appearance at times. He is an unfamiliar chubby man, slightly balding, possibly about forty years of age.

        In the last section of my very long dream, where I mostly enjoy the open fields and lying on the grass at times, I see an unusual scene. In the distance, close to what I had thought was the horizon, is an unknown boy of about twelve years of age. He seems to be as tall as some of the mountains, but at one point, twice as tall. I walk in his direction and I soon notice that he is not that far away after all. The mountain range seems to be an artificial feature, only about three feet high. Beyond that, there seems to be a long oversized stage. Part of the features seem to be set on a low embankment near a ditch or culvert running adjacent to the artificial landscape. I am somewhat puzzled but my disappointment seems to become pretense of viewing the manager of the park as a scam artist trying to draw in more tourists with his fake mountain range. Still, I begin to find it somewhat interesting even though such an illusion could not be implemented to such an extent in reality. Even more so, I am aware that "nothing exists" beyond that feature, a strange line of reasoning that has been present in certain dream types since early childhood.

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