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The King Street Musical

Sunday, July 16 2017 Views: 224

        Morning of July 16, 2017. Sunday.

        I am a younger age and seemingly living at the King Street boarding house or at least, oddly enough, producing a musical about the residence and the tenants (although I am not to be in the actual musical).

        Leonard S, the friendly King Street pinhead, is present. He and everyone else are practicing their lines and vocabulary. At least one of the characters is from another planet but he otherwise seems to be a bald human of mostly normal appearance. In the last scene where we are still rehearsing, there is also the presence of an unknown young female. Leonard is the only character present (other than me) who actually lived on King Street in real life (though my dream self does not perceive this scenario as erroneous).

        Leonard's main focus is presently his cheerful lines (which in real life were related to imagination and apparently mild paranoia). "Is someone calling my name? Almost sounds like someone calling my name." (He said this all the time in real life regardless of where he was.) This turns into an amusing practice performance.

        The male "alien" (who vaguely reminds me of actor Vincent D'Onofrio) is going over the script as there are certain words and phrases which need to be practiced and said or sang correctly. He pronounces "fabrication" incorrectly, saying it as Fah-brication ("fah" as rhyming with "bra"). I ask him if his (presumably alien) language has the vowel sound (making the vocal comparisons aloud) as in this word and apparently it does not. I decide to let him pronounce it incorrectly. I have no idea how the word "fabrication" fits into the theme of the musical, but it is on a list of several of the most important words to be said or sang properly.

        The unknown young female shows up within the group in the last scene and practices cheerfully shouting "The wrong one!" as others look over the script. (I remain unsure of what relevance this is within the musical. It could be subliminal sarcasm from my conscious self about being in the "wrong" dream setting yet again or with the "wrong" dream characters.)

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