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No Fair Beyond My High School

Saturday, July 18 2015 Views: 84

        Morning of July 18, 2015. Saturday.

        I am in my 9th grade (first year of high school) social studies and current events class. My dream self's age is distorted (related to life details of a particular age) as well as changing throughout my dream as is often the case in non-lucid dreams, especially over the last ten years or so. I seem to be in an area where I never sat in reality, in or near the middle rows rather than the leftmost row near the entrance to the classroom.

        Looking to my right through one of the middle windows, I see what appears to be a Ferris wheel in the distance, to the west. I consider that it is part of a fair which may not be accessible after school hours. I think that I might leave school in the middle of the day to see what is there.

        For a time, there is a focus on bringing my wife Zsuzsanna with me, and perhaps never returning to school again. At first, it is as we are now, as I seem to suddenly maintain my current conscious self identity (though still not seeing the prior high school setting as wrong), though it then seems I must go back and get her from the high school as we are apparently both teenagers a short time later. (This of course means that my dream self's memory is shifting more than usual. Zsuzsanna and I are different ages and she would not have been in high school when I was and has never been to America.)

        I end up leaving the school grounds without telling any of the teachers. When I get to the area where I thought there was a Ferris wheel and a few other rides, it turns out to be a bucket-wheel excavator. It seems later in the day than would be logical from just minutes previously. There are a few holes I am wary of walking too close to. For a short time, there seems to be only areas to walk between holes.

        Later, I consider that I might find a lot of gold lying about on the ground. However, it seems the "gold" I do find is seen as pieces of fallen leaves.

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