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Hovering and Changes

Saturday, August 5 2017 Views: 66

        Morning of August 5, 2017. Saturday.

        The first part of my dream is a very common scenario and has been since childhood - so common in fact, that I usually only note it and only go into more detail when there is something more unique about it. Otherwise, it occurs a few times a week, as it is an association of the dream state itself, though in this case, I atypically remain non-lucid.

        In this version, I seem to be in what is implied to be our present home, though it seems to have the essence of the southwest Cubitis bedroom. I hover above the floor in a standing position, which seems quite normal. Over time, a couple of our family members also hover and walk in the air for a time. Eventually, I consider something else I do as more interesting than usual. I hover and float about in a cross-legged meditation position about two feet above our bed, which is oriented longways near the south wall in the southeast part of the room (assuming the Cubitis bedroom model). However, in reality, a door in that area would have prevented this location of the bed.

        I tell Zsuzsanna and the others that what I am doing is called "levitation" which is supposedly a fictional concept, and yet I am doing it. However, even though I am floating in the air, I am thinking that it might be called something else. (I am probably subliminally thinking of the word "hovering" but that does not fully come to mind in my dream.)

        Later, I have to use the bathroom. I go into a "familiar" but unique (as always) bathroom which has a completely illogical layout. Still, it is rendered in a way that is extremely vivid, as I am fully in-body. (I find it curious that even bathrooms are always different each time in my dreams, yet I rarely take notice of this.)

        After entering the bathroom, which is L-shaped (the area in my dream is more expansive from the first sink to the second sink than it is in the image), I notice that the first sink has curtains (hanging from the window) covering part of the back of the sink. Water is leaking out everywhere, flowing over the bottoms of the curtains, but not that forcefully. The sound of running water is everywhere.

        Curiously, I go to another area where there is a second sink. This one is also lightly running from a leak. The toilet is also leaking slightly. Still, the sound of water flowing is very peaceful. Above this second sink by less than a foot is a small niche in the wall where one roll of toilet paper is vertically positioned. I consider if there are more rolls present but hidden behind possible spaces in the wall on each side of the visible niche. There may also be more space as such above or below the roll I am seeing. Something about this layout seems not quite right, but no lucidity is triggered despite a level of full-body vividness that almost borders on apex lucidity.

        When I am ready to use the toilet, I notice that a certain part of my body (to put it politely) is so long, it almost reaches the water of the bowl and it is also firm. It is very vivid and I find it somewhat curious, but not disconcerting. I start to consider, by way of false memory, that it had grown three times longer, over time, since moving to Australia. Despite my mental and physical clarity, that thought actually seems normal while still in my dream, though there is something in the back of my mind which makes this situation seem slightly "off". (Despite sequences of sexual dreams on a regular basis, about 20 to 60 in an hour in hypnagogic stages or microdreams, which are too common to bother keeping in an online journal, this particular dream event is not typical at all and I cannot help but find it hilarious.) (Of course, I actually wake up in order to use the bathroom in reality. It seems solely a biological trigger, as I certainly never go while still in my dream other than in one rare dream type where the need is not as strong in reality.)

        Despite its augmented clarity, the bathroom looks nothing at all like any I had ever seen in my lifetime (and why would there be two sinks in this arrangement anyway), but then, my dream's settings are always unique anyway, which I continue to find intriguing. Toilet need waking symbolism is getting more common as I have gotten older, but is typically only the last dream of a sleeping period.

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