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Reading and Chanting from an Ancient Book

Sunday, August 6 2017 Views: 68

        Morning of August 6, 2017. Sunday.

        I am living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we appear now. It seems to be on the second floor of an unfamiliar apartment building.

        At one point, there is some sort of distortion in the flow of my dream relating to unlikely imposers. I find myself with an ancient book and attempt to create a magical presence by trying to read some of the book's pages.

        Most of what I read concerning potential magical effect and how I pronounce each word is based on pretense. I have no real focus on what it is about. I do remember that one of the words was "Yggdrasil" (which is apparently related to Norse mythology) and that there were a number of similar words, some related to human-like creatures that used to lived in the woods on Earth but now may live in another realm. There are a few sketches here and there (probably influenced by imagery from the "Grimm" television series).

        Later, I seem to be in the process of hiding a lot of our possessions behind the wall of a mostly featureless room. There is one large area of the wall where a lot of plaster has fallen away in an irregular pattern, revealing horizontal wooden slats and supposedly some of the area behind the wall when looking between the slats. This area seems to actually serve as a secret door, with the overall appearance not being as it seems, the door of which can apparently be locked. There is a smaller area of the wall that seems similarly damaged though I do not perceive it as a hiding place.

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