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Starting a Fire and Tools under the Door

Monday, August 7 2017 Views: 62

        Morning of August 7, 2017. Monday.

        I am once again in Cubitis, in the house I lived in from 1968 to 1978. I am in the living room, mostly sitting on the floor near the southeast corner. However, the layout and size is different, and my main focus is only on the front door and an area implied to be north of the kitchenette.

        At one point, I am aware of my father being on the carport. My dream self does not remember that he had died in 1979. There are no direct thoughts of my mother, but there is a vague understanding that she is still alive (though she died in 2002). I am not sure of what time it is, though it seems to be afternoon at one point.

        My father does not come into the house from the carport. Instead, he slides several objects under the door (which would not have been possible in reality, as the bottom of the door went over the external side of the threshold). There are at least three metal open-end wrenches he slides under the door, presumed to be different sizes and from a set. There are also a few other items, such as at least a couple flat pieces of metal. I consider that he is doing this because he wants me to put them in the hallway closet, as he no longer has space for them. I can clearly hear the sounds of these acts.

        In the last scene, I have two irregular stones, which seem more like large crystals at times. Although mostly opaque, they seem translucent at times and become more translucent when I knock them together. Some facets are reflective and shiny. They have a bluish tint for the most part, though I notice that one looks gold at a later point.

        I believe I can make a fire, though I do not have a specific reason for doing this. I strike the stone against the other, sometimes doing this when the other is on the floor, other times, holding them both in my hands and striking them together. The stones sparkle more when seeming to partially ignite on parts of the surface.

        There are brief curls of smoke and small flames coming from the surface of the stones at times, though more light-colored smoke than fire. (This happens at least four times with varying amounts of smoke and small flames.) I get a folded piece of notebook paper and hold it near one stone as I hit it with the other. The paper catches on fire and burns. The stones are also burning more at this time. I am only slightly wary of the fire spreading, though I have no real concern.

        Prior to waking, I notice a very small unfamiliar cat resting to my right, right near an area of the floor that had been burnt. It is an orange tabby. It is no longer than my hand, and I do not consider its impossibly small size as unusual in any way. It moves a short distance from the smoke and flames. The small fire seems to go very close to it but does not hurt it. Its tail goes over an area of the floor that had burnt moments before. It does not seem concerned or show signs of fear or injury.

        In attempting to fully understand this dream, I have to ask questions based on what I already know from having studied and correctly decoded tens of thousands of my dreams since early childhood.

  • The waking transition is initiated with a potential precursor of doorway waking symbolism, a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood. A door is rendered as a potential dream exit mechanism but not always utilized as such. It seems based on anticipation of a specific type of hypnopompia (biologically premonitory) related to involuntary abdominal muscle movement, which I have validated can be consciously activated by forced anticipation (even when the anticipation is solely pretense). However, just as I can easily wiggle my ears and entire sides of my head, not all people can do this, just as not all people can easily control certain dream states (or for that matter even remember their dreams as I have done in every sleeping period for over fifty years, the only exception being when I was under anesthesia, though even then, the surgeon said that I was swearing at him about the pain when I have no memory of this). Although the association with doorway waking symbolism and the muscles near the navel may relate to the dream self's subliminal viewpoint of "being born back into the real world" (assuming a non-lucid dream only), it may also simply just be the association of going through the doorway to be elsewhere (especially when being chased and deliberately using a doorway to exit the dream, which I had often done in early childhood).

  • The doorway waking symbolism in this case transmutes into subliminal consciousness activation symbolism (my dream self attempting to start a fire with two stones is translated as deliberately, yet subliminally, attempting to increase neural activity and to potentially increase conscious self awareness, even though, as my dream self, I am primarily clueless of where I really am and how old I am), which implies that the thread of subliminal lucidity that linked from the preconscious sliding tools under the doorway (without me directly linking to the preconscious) is fully active even though my dream self otherwise has no memory of my father having died in 1979.

  • How is the above (preconscious presence linked to emergent consciousness precursor, yet still with no memory of my father having died) resolved? I could theorize that it is because threads of conscious self identity and presumed age are so random from dream to dream, it has no feasible explanation. However, because subliminal lucidity is validated by my non-lucid dream self's deliberate attempt to ignite consciousness, there may be a thread where my conscious self remembers that my father had died (even though my dream self does not) and so thus blocks the preconscious in a certain region of liminal space. This must be incidental, as it does not happen this way in all dreams, that is, patterns of viable memory are always unique from dream to dream.

  • Looking back, the majority of my dreams show at least some threads of subliminal lucidity, and many are lucid in the last moments where I then can decode my dream and grasp its specific meaning in real time (other than threads of prescience, which may not be acknowledged until years later). I see continuous evidence of both subliminal reinduction attempts and consciousness activation symbolism (as in this dream), which would only be possible with real-time conscious self threads even if they are subliminal. I see little evidence of ideas like "the brain starting to recount the experiences from the previous day" other than in certain dreams every now and then.

  • Cats have appeared on a regular basis in my dreams since early childhood. They are often unfamiliar, though sometimes based on a real pet. One common form of symbolism is based on their strong association with liminal space and the so-called Underworld as analogous to the dream state (not in a negative sense), almost like some sort of "guide", "guard", or alternate form of the preconscious (especially as cats, including lions and tigers, have transformed into people in the last stage of a dream).

  • Once again, the waking symbolism is oriented to my right within the dream state, which has been validated to be far more common than to my left. I have theories on this, but the real reason can probably not be fully validated. It may or may not be from the subliminal memory of getting out of our bed from the right side.

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