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Understanding Staircase Waking Symbolism #1

Monday, August 7 2017 Views: 72

        Afternoon of August 7, 2017. Monday.

        Dreams are primarily a biological function to initiate the return to waking consciousness, often in anticipation of spontaneous muscular hypnopompia whether or not its event horizon is impending (and to what extent subliminal reinduction occurs, if at all). A flight of stairs or a staircase is rendered in a dream in subliminal anticipation of the attainment of consciousness (otherwise known as waking up from sleep), though when going down steps, serves as induction, reinduction, or a lucidity trigger (though sometimes reaching the top without waking serves to vivify the dream). This symbolism has often been used in the same way for several centuries in hypnosis and guided meditation. There may be additional factors integrated into a dream of this type, some of which cannot be explained, such as prescient threads. However, as the very nature of non-lucid dreams demonstrates prescience in virtually endless forms of return to consciousness symbolism, literal prescience relative to real life may be just a presently unexplainable extension of that same function.

        The second value of the dream code is in reverse order. For example, "02" would indicate second from last dream of a sleeping period.

        Dream list:

  1. "What's Upstairs?" (The Sleeping Giant), dream code 3213-03, October 6, 1969
  2. The Three Lives of my Dream Girl, dream code 3220-01, October 13, 1969
  3. Indoor Ziggurat Tomb, dream code 4219-03, July 8, 1972
  4. Strange Book Sale Upstairs in a Cathedral-like Building, dream code 19823-01, March 29, 2015
  5. Upstairs Burial, dream code 19933-02, July 17, 2015

        Location and setting:

  1. Invalid rendering of east side of school building. (Renderings of real locations in dreams are always altered. This seems to be to prevent dream self memory from biologically integrating with conscious self memory as well as for incidental linear convenience with PGO waves, which may relate to subliminal perception of sleeping position.)
  2. Bilocated rendering of presumably the inside of a square pyramid or ziggurat within the Cubitis living room, though also with indoor-outdoor ambiguity at times. Bedroom features (first-level dream state indicators) are also present.
  3. Bilocation of Walgreens store (lesser feature and eventually fading) into Cubitis living room, with the focus on an unrealistically small lead and iron ziggurat.
  4. A building that seems like a large cathedral (nothing like any setting I had ever seen in real life), though with a bookstore at the top of an odd steep and unrealistically rendered staircase.
  5. An ambiguous composite of otherwise familiar buildings into what is seemingly a two-storey apartment building.

        Personified subconscious (dream self) in contrast to conscious self status:

  1. My dream self is an in-body passive witness, though eventually with an incorporeal viewpoint of the scene. My conscious self is rendered as a sleeping giant in a room at the top of the stairs. My snoring is also rendered into my dream (as the giant's snoring), disproving the mendacious propaganda that one cannot snore while they are dreaming.
  2. My dream self discovers that my "mystery girl" is asleep at the top of the stairs, beyond a mezzanine. I also check to see if I am asleep in bed as well (even though there is no lucidity). My conscious self is rendered as being in bed at the top of the stairs, looking much like my actual appearance at the time.
  3. My dream self is closer to waking and is already integrated into the preconscious (without a need for preconscious initiation). My conscious self is rendered as a dead or sleeping businessman in a presumed coffin at the top of a ziggurat, which I am actively curious of (unlike the first dream in this list, which required a separate preconscious thread).
  4. My dream self has threads of subliminal lucidity and I am fully aware of my dream self's fictional body. My conscious self is rendered as a book store, with a book sale going on, as only the conscious self could perceive the continuity of a story or chronological thought.
  5. My dream self has some conscious self memory. My conscious self has been rendered as the remains of a boy under the floorboards of a kitchen on the second floor (to the right of the remains of a girl, who represents Zsuzsanna). The kitchen setting would relate to subtle hunger during the sleeping cycle. This was during cool weather (America typically has the warmest weather during the time Australia has the coolest weather), being under the floorboards being analogous to being covered with heavier blankets.

        Preconscious dynamic:

  1. My mother, who is usually the one to wake me up to get ready for school, is transmuted in my dream into Susan C, a classmate who was occasionally bossy (and curiously vaguely reminded me of my mother even though she was my age). The preconscious is not dominating as this is not the last dream of the sleeping period and I still have time to sleep.
  2. Preconscious is in "guardian of the underworld" form as a cat (recurring since early childhood).
  3. No preconscious element in this dream. (None needed since I am already returning to my conscious self status which had been distorted into the otherwise unfamiliar "dead" or sleeping male.
  4. Preconscious rendered as young Japanese male who is in charge of the book sale. I speak to him in broken Japanese before using a science-fiction-inspired translator.
  5. Transmuted into a secondary scenario in this dream. (Sustained waking transition.)

        Emergent consciousness factor:

  1. My emergent consciousness precursor as the sleeping giant does not initiate. Instead, there is a brief partial awakening, followed by a return to sleep.
  2. My emergent consciousness precursor includes a dual pattern, inclusive of my "mystery girl", who was validated to be a precognitive factor of my wife Zsuzsanna years later.
  3. Does not initiate. Instead, I fly in incorporeal form "up and out of my dream" (seeing my dream self standing near the top of the ziggurat and looking down at the male as he "sleeps").
  4. My wife Zsuzsanna integrates with my dream self, and our orientation is the same as our sleeping position. (That is, she is to my left as we exit my dream.)
  5. Not initiated in the primary segment. The remains of the boy and girl under the floorboards of the second storey symbolize Zsuzsanna and I sleeping, with the same orientation (her on my left).

        Dream exit symbolism:

  1. Not present. Slow waking and quickly descending back into sleep. (The giant not waking foreshadows this.)
  2. "Returning to my sleeping body". (Sustained liminal space perception, mainly only present in childhood dreams, possibly because the brain has not yet fully developed.)
  3. "Flying up and out of my dream". (Recurring dream exit form.) The top of the ziggurat would also represent unification of conscious self threads as utilized in Mastership meditation.
  4. The book store's checkout area is rendered to symbolize the dream's exit point.
  5. Girl's hair seems "electrified", which symbolizes increasing neural activity and PGO waves.

        Waking dynamics:

  1. Presumed fade.
  2. Coalescence (symbolic "return" to physical body).
  3. "Leaving" dream self's body.
  4. Japanese male has to put on a blindfold to weigh books before selling them. This is symbolic of being asleep in real time yet still having increasing threads of awareness and subliminal lucidity prior to waking.
  5. Shifting into abstract liminal space for a short time prior to waking.


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