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Lady Anu?

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, August 8 2017 Views: 56

        Night of August 8, 2017. Tuesday.

        I am in the process of posting a dream journal entry on Tumblr. I become aware of the dream state to a certain extent. I glance at the lower right corner of my monitor for no particular reason.

        I hear audio from somewhere about "Lady Anu" (sounds like ah-new). It almost seems like a conversation coming from the webpage itself, and someone breaking in by asking "But who is Lady Anu?". (Dreams tend to produce rhyming phrases as such.) It sounds familiar but I cannot recall the source. I am thinking it is a person with an artist account on Tumblr, or perhaps she is a famous singer and it relates to a fan page.

        Google says: "Queen Anu or Lady Anu was granddaughter of Ochirtu Secen Khan of Khoshuud, who was the nephew and adopted son of Güshi Khan". (1653-1696.) I had not heard or focused on this before, at least in recent memory.

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