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Late Night Activity and the Next Morning’s Newspaper

Saturday, August 12 2017 Views: 170

        Morning of August 12, 2017. Saturday.

        In my very vivid dream, I am sitting at my computer desk mostly as it is now in real life at our present address. Even though this feature is correctly rendered and acknowledged by my dream self as regarding my recent activity, I am also invalidly aware that it is the southernmost room of the Loomis Street house, where I have not been since February of 1994, rather than a northernmost room of our present address.

        It seems to be late at night. I hear noises outside across the street. As, when I look outside, I can see directly across the street, this means that the Loomis Street house aspect is rendered erroneously, as directly south of that room in real life the windows would only display the neighbor's house, not a street. So, once again, my dream's setting is a wholly unique composite, this time with ambiguous bilocation additionally implied. It combines a room at the front of our present house, which is adjacent to the street, and a room of the Loomis Street house that was at the side of the house with only a view of the yard, and where no street was visible.

        Looking out across the street from my window, I notice a light on in a garage (where no garage exists in reality in either location). The garage door is fully open. There is the back of a white van visible to the left within the garage. I consider that a few troublemakers are wandering about and are in someone else's garage when they should not be. Eventually, there is a police siren, and I am aware that they are going down the street to my right (from my viewpoint from my window) to follow the potential burglars.

        I leave the room to go to the living room to tell Zsuzsanna about these events. Instead, my memory distorts again and I am actually "still" in the Loomis Street house and probably about twenty years old now. It is already the next morning. Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother's side who died in 2014), appearing as she did in the 1960s, is seated across from me at the large wooden dining room table. She is talking about "those kids" being responsible for causing trouble at a couple other houses, implying they were caught and that one "kid" was on medication. However, I soon realize that she is calling at least one male of about thirty years old a "kid". She names them, but I do not recall who they supposedly were.

        The details are apparently in the newspaper, as Marilyn mentions this. The newspaper is open before me on the table. I press my fingers on the bottom of the newspaper page on the left-hand side, and somehow enter a search term just under the bottom margin of a newspaper article, though it is not by typing simulation, so it may be thought-based entry. Soon, at the top of this left-hand page, just above another article and to the right of the page number, print (of the same font as the articles) comes into view that reads "search term not found". I suspect the details are in the newspaper, but instead of just reading it normally, I consider what search term might display the page number reference.

        This dream follows a very unusual pattern (though not a rule as it does not occur in every case) of mixing modern computer technology with old forms of writing on paper. (For example, I sometimes follow threads in a forum via a handwritten notebook that other people somehow send to the page, that is, their writing "updates" onto the paper without them being present and this is how the Internet works in some of my dreams). In this case, I am somehow entering a search term on what is only newspaper and yet the "search term not found" message still comes in at the top of the page with no discernible technology present. Probably the most amusing example of this is when I went into a bathroom and "ENTER PROPER ACCESS CODE" was clearly displayed on the face of the toilet tank.

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