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Mother Sweeping in Kitchen, Another Bathroom Waking Prompt

Sunday, August 13 2017 Views: 98

        Morning of August 13, 2017. Sunday.

        Summary of meaning: This is yet another bathroom waking prompt dream, which I only document in detail when there are additional factors. It basically creates a situation where a bathroom in my dream is not really feasible, eventually prompting me to wake to use a real one.

        In my dream, I find myself in a larger version of the Loomis Street house kitchen, with no memory of how old I am or where I presently live.

        My mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) is alive, appearing as she did in perhaps the 1960s. My dream self has no memory of her having died. She is sweeping the floor, which seems to have a lot of dust and dirt and some pieces of debris. She is sweeping in a circular pattern, towards the middle of the floor.

        She seems somewhat annoyed by her work. I tell her that I will mop the floor soon, though presently, I need to use the bathroom.

        I go into an area that was more between where my mother's room and the bathroom was in real life. Just as I think of using the toilet, I touch the tank and see that the entire toilet slides to my left to reveal that it is not connected to the floor.

        Curiously, the open pipe is shaped somewhat like the horizontal outline of a Chess pawn (possibly symbolizing the preconscious using the passive dream self as a pawn to implement the waking prompt out of biological need). There are even layers (seemingly thin metal) that imply several concentric layers within this overall shape. As such, there would be no larger pipe to go through the space, though I do not give that much thought. I perceive the area as genuine. This annoys me, but I remember there is another bathroom in the house, then consider there are two, but another one is also probably not in working order. (This form of waking prompt as such has become more common over the last few years, probably more as a result of a virtuous circle in conscious acknowledgement than anything else.)

        The media-based dream disinformation teams that presently exist try to claim such dreams have "interpretations", and go so far as to deny their obvious purpose as a biological prompt to wake and use the bathroom. For example, in one newspaper article by an "expert", the following deliberate disinformation was given: "4. When you’re busting but you can’t find a toilet...When people wake up after having this kind of dream, they usually realise they don’t actually need to go to the bathroom. This usually means you literally want to let the crap out of your life. It’s about decluttering and letting go - you want to release something or someone..."

        Anyone who has studied and validated dreams long enough knows that dreams do not even work like that or have that type of symbolism (due to the unconscious having a different neural pattern with such reasoning only viable when awake). I have never had a toilet dream (and nor have my parents, all my relatives I have talked to, my wife Zsuzsanna, classmates, and so on) where I did not actually have to wake up to go, and it is obvious here that the disconnected pipe represents the separation of neural energy paths that prevents a person from going in the dream state if it reaches that point of urgency or near-urgency. The preconscious (dream authority) as my mother sweeping the kitchen is validation of this; one, because the kitchen is a place for eating and drinking, and two, because cleaning is also related to usage of a bathroom. I have just enough conscious self status awareness to understand bathroom usage in a dream where there is little viable memory otherwise, despite the vividness of this dream.

        It is common for dream disinformation groups and individuals to pretend biologically-based dreams have "interpretations" that relate to "issues" with day-to-day living (other than a more discernible health concern presented in a dream, usually literal, such as with the bathroom need - and as such, no "interpretation" is required), almost always with a negative bias. Even simple common hypnopompic dream cessation symbolism such as losing teeth or falling is under pretense of having "interpretations" (neither with any meaning in most cases other than shifting of consciousness and in losing teeth, based on the truth that the dream self cannot discernibly speak through the physical body while unconscious, and thinking about one's fictional and ephemeral dream self's "mouth" is often all it takes to activate this type of hypnopompic waking prompt, though in some cases, there may be an additional cause, if one is about to lose a tooth or has recently lost one).

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