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Dragon Dagger

Lucid Intent

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Sunday, August 13 2017 Views: 134

        Morning of August 13, 2017. Sunday.

        A dagger sticks up out of a wooden table. A miniature dark-colored dragon crawls around the handle in somewhat of a corkscrew pattern. (This is not really logical as it would imply it would be crawling in a continuous circle, which would then otherwise invalidate the upwards physical corkscrew turning).

        I consider if it is mine or if it is meant to be a "trap" of some sort. Still, it seems safe enough, though I do not touch it. (There is a seeming dream within a dream where it crawls down and out onto the grass. Perhaps it was caught and was put on the handle and did not want to be there.)

        The bottom half of the dragon, which I focus on the most, is somewhat silverfish-like, similar to the strange bat in my Batman and Robin dream of August 17th. (That would thus be a partial carryover. Corkscrew patterns have appeared in older dreams, though not turning as such. The train in the last part of the Batman and Robin dream was also horizontally turning like a corkscrew or lathe.)

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