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Non-lucidly Scripting a Waking Transition while in a Dream

Tuesday, September 5 2017 Views: 88

        Morning of September 5, 2017. Tuesday.

        I am in an unknown region seemingly in Florida. There is not much recall about any backstory but I am somehow aware of the concept of waking from my dream, yet without being aware I am dreaming (something that is very hard to consciously resolve in any way that seems logical).

        I am mentally "writing" my script, writing about how I will wake from my dream when "my" car (a green 1970s Cadillac) is along a certain stretch of road near a wooded area, on the right side when headed south. (This would seemingly be the back roads south of Arcadia, I think.) At times, I seem to have a pen and paper, though other times, only mentally reviewing it. There seem to be several resets over time.

        I wake while looking at the (unfamiliar) car from the other side of the road.

        This seemed a little like the theme of "Riding a Bus to the Waking Point" (September 11th) except that the level of awareness was very different. In my later dream on the 11th, I was vaguely aware of being in the dream state (yet not fully recalling what a dream actually was, and with a limited degree of subliminal lucidity) and understanding the symbolism while still in my dream. In this dream on the 5th, I had no idea I was in the dream state, but still understood waking symbolism to a coherent degree and, unlike my dream of the 11th, understood what scripting a dream meant.

        My otherwise non-lucid dreams have taken on some unusual dynamics lately. There seems to be an unusual increase in overall clarity of mind in understanding dream dynamics that carry over into certain dream states yet with no viable lucidity. I think this is partly a result of frustration at continuing to see no evidence of society having any understanding of dreams. It is still mostly all disinformation and nonsensical myths.

        Meanwhile, the same synchronicity that has dominated my life since childhood continues to happen. The last event related to one of those nonsensical Facebook links, this one claiming to find "who is your historical twin"? It came up with the nonsense that I looked just like Clark Gable. Within the same few minutes, I saw a post from someone from my hometown talking about "Gone with the Wind" in a drawing of an anthropomorphic Florida running from a personified Hurricane Irma. (Clark Gable is known for the 1939 movie "Gone with the Wind".) Many people in my life were very wary of me because of unexplainable synchronicity. By an interesting "coincidence", only Zsuzsanna (my literal dream girl) was comfortable with it from the beginning (as it has also often happened to her, as well as extensively to us as a couple).

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