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Christmas Beetles and Large Screen on Porch

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, September 12 2017 Views: 56

        Morning of September 12, 2017. Tuesday.

        There is a vague abstract backstory that I cannot coherently recall. It relates to our last home on Barolin Street, though my dream self has no memory (as usual) that we have not lived there for years.

        My dream naturally (and automatically) vivifies when I enter higher liminal space, marked by the common porch setting as such (my most common marker for this state of consciousness). It seems to be late at night. The Barolin Street house porch has a large screen over the entire front of each side of the entrance. There are no window-related features of any kind (completely unlike the porch in real life, which never had a screen and mostly featured frosted jalousie windows).

        There are about twenty Christmas beetles flying around and onto the screen from inside the porch. I do not question how some of them are doing this when some seem heavily damaged or even having only one wing (or even only a part of their body).

        There is also a less-focused awareness of a face being seen through a vertically rectangular area of the screen that had seemingly been cut out. I am not sure of the identity of this face, but I mention it to Zsuzsanna. It is very brief, with the main focus related to the Christmas beetles.

        Insects relate to a few different possible meanings, one in being overtired (especially in cold weather) as a result of the RAS activating immediately upon falling asleep (which seems to me like some sort of biological “glitch”), though that is not the case here. Sometimes they are premonitory of a viral infection, other times an enhanced association with increasing neural energy towards waking (especially when buzzing), which seems to be the case with this dream (especially in the porch setting and the large screen).

        A screen (and its specific condition) has something to do with shared dreaming, some sort of telepathic connection at a certain shared level of consciousness, I suppose as a play on "screening" someone.

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