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Working as a secretary for my old uni

Monday, September 11 2017 Views: 44

In my dream, I am myself, at my age, or perhaps a tad bit younger. I go back to where I did my studies and ask for a job. They say they have a post as an IT secretary or something. The pay is something 38k a year plus bonuses. As I am jobless, I accept.

One of the bonuses is that I have a flat in the uni, all expenses paid, though, in reality, there was nothing like it in the waking world.

Despite that, I feel like going down on memory lane and I like the place instantly. I get a glass of water and see the appliances have aged a bit. Still, it felt like home.

Part of my job is to find books for the students and place them in a library, then in a database. I am looking for a book but I don't remember which one.

During my breaks, I go to the uni bar and mingle with the students there. There are also several floors with rooms containing large screens for leisure activities for the students. I am allowed to use them but have to shut them down at the end of the day.

During one night, I go back to these floor with the screens and start to enjoy the display. I go to the end floor on the top and then go down to the ground floor and then up again. As I do this, something strange happens. The rooms get bigger and filled with all sort of strange objects and the decoration changes, one specific for each floor. 

The top floor has something like a sci-fi decor, I don't remember most of the other except the ground floor which is filled with medieval era Japanese stuff, complete with Katanas and shurikens. And of course, there is a ninja there, apparently, you can fight him for leisure but he is unbeatable. I fight him for a while then decide I should go before I get killed by accident.

When I go up a floor, I see the Janitor. I am not sure he saw me though I think he did, he sure doesn't mind. I decide not to tempt fate and discreetly shadow him until I can go outside the screens rooms and back to my quarters.

And then I wake up ...

Additional Comments:

Though it was my old uni, it didn't like at all like the real one and was much, much bigger. Also, it didn't have all the living quarters and screens rooms though it did have a bar (but unlike the one in my dream). I did not recognize any face in my dream. It was a standard all-imaginary-characters-except-myself kind of dream for me.

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