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Three's a Crowd

Lucid Intent
Sunday, September 3 2017 Views: 57

Dream one is private.

My second dream was a once before re-occuring dream that I had had some time ago though this time it had quite a few variations and much more clarity. It started out in some large run down house in a place like Havana. There were four people total in the room and three of us were bound hostages. There was a gentleman gripping a pistol in a chair in the closet keeping an eye on us. I don't remember exactly what I did but I somehow managed a knife from my pocket and cut through my rope. I threw something at the captor and knocked him out. I then loosened the ropes to the person on my right and he exited the room. I went to the man bound by the bed and severed his ropes freeing him and went to exit the room myself. Upon leaving I looked back to discover the guy I just let loose apparently attempting to wake up the guy I just knocked out. I was like "What the hell are you doing let's get the out of here!" He looked at me and waved me off as if to say "You go" (He looked like he was going to get drugs off of him so I left him to his business). I took a right and saw an even more intense hostage situation at hand in a couple of rooms ahead of me (My vision projected ahead of me for a second). Gleaming this foresight I took a left instead (the other hostage went right and I think was shot immediately). There was an open door ahead of me that I crouched behind and dropped to the floor as to see anyone who might walk in and have the upper hand. Another hostage now with a gun takes cover opposite of me and gives me a nod of assurance. I hear footsteps and immediately a guy kicks the door I was under violently flinging it just over head (literally). I wait for him to walk forward a little an judo chop his ankle leaving him crouched over while my buddy took care of him. I go around the door and look into the room seeing a man with a hostage and a gun to their head and atleast one other accomplice. They spot me and take a couple of shots. I turn around and go around the other way back toward the first entrance. I go outside and hide behind this wooden fence. From their I projected myself ahead and around the corner to get a true look at the situation. I saw about six people total. There were two men holding two hostages and two others in a stand off. I could now tell the bad guys were drug lords per the large suitcases of what looked like cocaine but could have been heroine on the table. The men in the stand off were the boss in the operation and Kevin Hart (Go figure). Kevin was making jokes but looked serious enough to blow dudes head off. From their this super thick girl came out of no where (The bosses lady perhaps) and Kev grabbed her as a hostage turning the situation around. With her as a human shield he escorted her outside of compound (I think he took out the boss I'm not sure). He went to the next building over and I went to go jump back in my true body behind the fence but when I got their I (My body) popped up (Looking like some Australian confused kid version of me) and hopped over. The guy in my body looked like he didn't know what was going on so I was like come on kid I need my body back come walk into me and lets meld. We began a strange amorphous fusing of sorts but I'm not sure how it came out because I awoke. 

Dream three was like a hangover/GTA mixture of sorts. I am unable to recall the entire beginning but it started out in the night time with me and two or three others. We were in the desert in a muscle car and I believe their was a roadblock of sorts and we were detained (I think we were on the way to a house party or something). We tried to escape but after a couple of chases we got busted again and were now being held next to this 18-wheeler with maybe 2 or 3 cop cars parked beside us. Around dawn one of our friends (Now me) snuck up to the car and noticed none of the cops were on duty (Probably having coffee and donuts right?) I noticed the driver wasn't present and there was only one passenger. I kicked it into reverse pulled a 180 and hauled ass on the desert dirt road. By now the cops started to become aware of me and were about half a football field behind me. I jumped this big dune dukes of hazard style but the cops were now much closer. I managed to pull off some fancy maneuvering and left the one cop stuck in a smaller dune. Other's were behind but far in the distance. The dream fast forwarded a little and it was once again night. We pulled up to a trailer in the jet-black Chevelle and hopped out. We ran toward these jungle looking tree's and I began to climb up one. Suddenly a Tyrannosaurus Rex jumped from out of one of the tree's and ate me in one chomp. I revived like in a game meters away from the creature and tried valiantly to climb this giant vine I saw. I made it atop another tree when he got me again. I revived a little further away already on another tree. My friend was close behind but unfortunately he scooped him up in one fell swoop (He didn't revive...). The monstrous creature retreated in the tree he initially jumped out of and literally disappeared behind the thick brush without a single trace (I was impressed). I took this as my chance and began scaling down this cliff wall on another large vine. Tyrano must have heard me because he was back hot on my tail. I sprinted as fast as I could to the car and went to jump in but just like grand theft auto I hit the triangle button (Figuratively) at the wrong spot and accidentally hoped into another vehicle close behind (Hate when that happens). It was a large diesel barracks truck of sorts and big guy was chomping through it attempting to devour me. I managed to get out and got into the Chevelle again and began to speed off. I awaken.  
I just remembered a small part of a dream I believe preceded the first and had something to do with me being in a deli ordering a sub being very frugal with my money. I ordering bacon (I'm vegan) that I myself reached in a grabbed (It was in a one of those metal containers and the bacon was in a soup of mayonnaise that looked totally gross...)

Additional Comments:

If your wondering how I can remember so many dreams it's because my body has trained itself to wake up right after my REM cycle allowing me to wake up directly after my dreams. I then go back to sleep allowing me to remember entirely new dreams or multiple segments/fragments. Interpretation- Dream two: Brought on by recent sobriety and daily battle with urges. Also showing me great progress in ability to handle situations as the first time I had the dream it went nothing like that I was one of the hostages being helped by someone else. Also displaying progress in more advanced spiritual practices I've been attempting. Dream three: Perhaps brought on as well by the huge recent changes I've been undergoing letting loose in the dream and being a little bad. Little confusing at the T-Rex part, perhaps symbolic of the monstrous challenges I'm facing and the carnivorous power of addiction. The fact that I got away both from the cops and the creature are both good omens in my book. Dream scrap four: Once again releasing what I guess to be either suppressed desire or more likely burning off the remaining animal product in my cellular structure as I recently went back to being hardcore VG (Though I'm not complaining and am super happy with my current lifestyle choices)

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