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Cosmic Catholic Kitty

Lucid Intent
Saturday, September 2 2017 Views: 37

I was standing in front of this old catholic school looking building and I was staring at the cement when suddenly I became lucid. I attempt to fly around a little bit to make sure (Which I always do) and after a very flimsy float of sorts I was certain (I suck at flying). I began to almost wake up so I landed and calmed down. I decided to attempt to meditate in the dream like my friend Joseph had told me he had done but when I tried it unfortunately began to almost wake me up so I had to settle for a little meditative breathing which allowed me to regain lucidity. From there I went and explored the compound. I had to focus my attention on the ground to hold the dream together (Something that works for me). I was standing outside the school and I went down some stairs (5 or 6) and on my right their was a large squarish in-ground structure containing water (20-30ft in diameter). I passed by my first symbolic item on the ground though I can't honestly remember exactly what it was (One of those Razor scooter's I think). I then came across my second symbolic finding of a dead bird and I was super stoked (It is said a dead bird is likened to the Pheonix and represents spiritual rebirth which made sense to me since I have been doing a considerable amount of spiritual work very recently). I faded in and out of almost waking for a little while and when I came too I was inside the school on the top floor in front of a large observatory. I quickly raced up the steps and viewed the telescope. Expecting to see vivid stars or a colorfully vast universe I was hugely dissapointed when I simply saw some unwritten pages of the manuscript I've been working on. It was zoomed in on two words that I cannot remember (Damn it all). I looked away discontent though I was interestingly surprised. The room I was in reminded me of a real life advanced version of the laboratory from LOZ: Majora's Mask, though most things in the room were earth tones and the scientific instruments on the tables were made of brass or gold. I went to go down the stairs and began almost waking again. I believe I actually woke up for a second but quickly returned to sleep. I was back in the courtyard of the school (This time the stairs were much higher and expansive similar to Chichen Itzu) and I was telling my account of the dream I just had to three individuals (I never got a god look at their faces). Suddenly I realized I was still in the dream (Becuase I was standing outfront of the place I was describing) and became Lucid again. I became filled with invigoration and continued talking to my dream colleagues (Because I enjoyed it). As I was telling them about the important images I had seen in my first dream (The scooter and the dead bird though I am not completely sure) and was stating the great importance of symbolism in dreams. Upon doing so Reba McEntire started walking up the stairs in her famous brilliantly red sequined dress. She had on her usual cocky smile and as she walked past us I was like "Look it's Reba McEntire! I love you! I mean you know I love you!" (Because she reminds me of my grandfather and Toby Keith ((Who also reminds me of my grandfather))) She looked back at me and gave me a wink with a little bit of sex eyes as she walked through the door. The others looked at me like "Oh I see whats going on!" I embarrassedly defended my self thinking "No, not like that!..." quickly brushing it off realizing their opinion doesn't even matter the fact that such a strange occurance presented itself left me even more elated. I turned to see someone else walking toward me but not up the stairs. They walked on the side in this grassy area and they had this extremely small (Maybe 2-3 inch) kitty cat that was sooo adorable (It was literally the cutest thing I could ever imagine). It came up to me and I think I held it in my hand for a second but it fell out and rolled into some bushes. I was like "Oh snap!" but I knew it would be ok. (Oh I just remembered earlier in the dream before I became lucid I kept finding wild magic mushrooms. there was this one which had an extremely long stalk ((Maybe an entire foot long)) and they kept disappearing from my hand which is what initially triggered my lucidity). I went to go help the little kitten out of the bushes as I awaken.

Additional Comments:

Interpretation - The catholic style school likely represents my intense theological studies. It was alone (No students or faculty) and by itself (In the middle of nowhere) because I had devoted a large portion of time to solitary study. The size of the structure likely represented the years I dedicated (The size of the structure being roughly 6 stories long and I have devoted roughly 6 years). The scooter was odd but then I realized it was a razor scooter which could represented a Razor which likely represents me recently cutting ties with most of that chapter in my life (Theology, seclusion, intense study, beliefs, psychedelics, etc). The dead bird obviously representing the spiritual rebirth I've been going through as a result of this. The Ancient laboratory representing my passion for science and intense interest in understanding the micro (Microscopes and other instruments relating to earthbound observation) and Macrocosm (Large telescope reaching towards the stars) My interest in the macro far outweighs my interests than its predecessor (Also reflected by the size and my running directly up to the beautiful instrument). I looked in expecting so see something beyond words, something majestic, and something awe inspiring to only find unwritten pages of a project I'm working on possibly reflecting that I'm looking in the wrong places for such or that these things are closer to home than I believe. I was telling those people my findings because I love sharing information. Reba McEntire represents my love for my grandfather who I've needed to talk to for a while now. Her sex eyes might have been because I have been getting a lot of attention wanted and unwanted as of late. The person with the kitty at the end walking not up the stairs as expected but in the grass represents once again my recent journey off the beaten path. The kitten I'm unsure about but I will never forget that image it was so fucking cute. Finally the mushrooms disappearing out of my hand because I'm finally accepting I don't need psychedelics any more for spiritual advancement and that my love for them is quickly fading (As they were from my hand) as it is being replaced with a natural lucidity that I am able to maintain naturally without dependance.

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