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PB & Jail

Tuesday, November 15 2016 Views: 38

I was in a strange House of sorts. It was like a school or a prison and I was really hungry. It was dusk and I went to one of the administrators and asked him if they had served lunch yet. He said that they had and I had  to get ahold of the main dude. He said if I had missed lunch that they would give me PB and J that I would automatically get an A. I went to search for that main dude. I asked an African American prisoner if he had seen the dean. The guy blinded me with a high-powered flashlight. I walked away stunned until I ran into another gentleman who flipped me. He scurried away like a crab (Side-stepping). Everyone was talking about how powerful the flashlight was. I went upstairs to look for the Dean and was followed by the dude who flipped me. I ran onto the top bunk where from underneath he kept trying to flip me from various angles. Finally, I did a backflip and stared him directly in the eyes and he scurried off. I came back to look for the dean downstairs but this time I was in anime female who had been forced into a prostitution ring but now I was strong enough to stand on my own. I went over to this grave and these creatures started coming at me like frogs. I pulled out my bow continuously left dodging every blow and quickly made light work of them. I went back to the grave which now opened into a mausoleum. A Memory Flashed where the person who got me into all of this was playing me though we held them in high esteem. Now being older and mature I decided to set out on a quest for revenge to right my name bring justice to all those who had been used. I awaken.

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