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You can keep on a knocking' but you can't come in...

Friday, August 25 2017 Views: 48

I was outside of a trailer (double wide) and knocked on the door. No one answered but in my minds eye I could see this overweight black guy wearing a beanie (some random homeless guy I saw before somewhere on my travels) sitting on a couch (I was with him somehow and he was aware of me). I went over the window to get his attention and he was standing in front of a bedroom door. My sister open the door and greet's this guy and I'm banging on the window like "Yo, Let me in" but also "Ask her about weed". The black guy holds up a doobie and is gesturing to me "Give me a minute bro she's getting more". I'm like fuck that and decide to kick in the door but when I get there the door's open. I go in and ask H (my sister) about the weed. She's like "Oh I gave him some because I felt bad and he left but don't worry I have some more" I was pissed that the guy took off like that but relieved she had back up. I look on the coach where he was sitting and find a little zip-up hand bag half open. I check it out and it contains some money (like $20 bucks almost) and  roaches. I was like serves you right asshole and begin fiddling with the roaches to roll a doob. 

[Scene Shift]
I was busking out front of some walmart style place and kinda had an epiphany about not needing to play anymore. I reached into my pocket and realized I had $8 dollars (holy shit! lol) and was like I've got all I need why am I busking. I began packing up my guitar and awoke.

Additional Comments:

Interpretation - The trailer from my childhood. The black homeless guy as I was just vagabonding. The weed because I just quit. The purse of goodies because I'm lucky like that. The busking because it's what I do. The $8 because 8 is the number for financial abundance and security. Me realizing I did''t need to busk any more because I just got off the road and really don't need to busk anymore.

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