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Ravaging Feast I

Monday, July 17 2017 Views: 46

I was in a bar, it looked like Tokyo Bar in Cais Do Sodré, there were a few people there, I supose it was late, like 2 or 3 in the morning. I was drinking whisky and talking to a woman, she was very sensual and was wearing a see thru top with a skirt and not wearing any panties. At come point she choked my cock over my pants and I stopped her. I went out and I felt an uncontrolable need to see blood, to kill. I went back in, got a knife and started stabbing the people that were in the bar. They were almost sitting still while I killed them, the woman tryed to stop me but with no success. I ended up bathing in the blood along side with her, fully naked. whilest this happend I noticed a presence behind the balcony, a clown wich appears sometimes in my dreams, he was cleaning the glasses stained by the blood of those inoccent people and telling me I was the great proof of the ravaging nature of god himself. 

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It was a wierd dream, not the first of sort.


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