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5 Dreams at Night

Saturday, August 1 2015 Views: 80

I. I was in a hotel with my family again, and I connected to the free wifi only to find out it was a guy trying to flirt with me. It was too inappropriate so I disconnected.

II. Next I was fighting Titans with Makoto (from Free!). It was terrifying because Titans were hard to kill. We all kinda went in a line and one by one killed one, I think. I found Makoto afterwards and gave him a hug and it was all fluffy because we loved each other, but it was also scary because Titans could eat him.

III. Mikey Way was in this dream next. I think he thought I died or something but then we reunited! It was happy. And the atmosphere was like tree branches and houses. Like that maple tree road on Mario Kart.

IV. After that, I was a servant to some guy. He wasn't a mean guy or anything, I just had to bring him food and things. And one time, I went with him to sit with friends at a table. I must've said something to insult all of them because they all made me leave the table. He came with me and pointed out trees. They were half burned. I don't know why. But it was cute because he was comforting me.

V. It was a campout with fletcher people and my neices. We all got in this big camper and girls were on one side with guys on the other. Chris invaded my privacy by grabbing a bag I had.  I tried to snatch it back because he was acting like a pervert. He drew back, horrified that the bag was full of pads. HAHHHHHHA. Anyway, everyone was disgusted at him.

I was sitting next to Mia, my 14 year old neice, and we both had a big bloody spot on our feet. It was weird and gross.


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