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Dad comes alive & arrested but breaking the CODE

Friday, September 5 2008 Views: 16730

Dream 1- So I think this starts with being at the fair again. I am walking with some other people. - I think rachel and some other family members are there. I noticed that the rides were small and like for small kids. We also see some empty stalls and I wondered where the horses were. We are walking between tents and talking about a place to eat? when some cops came up to us and were arresting me. I said "I didn't do anything wrong" - Trying to figure out what it was. They had to take me in for some examination. - ? I am livid and tell them they had no right -think its something about smoking? They had to be sure i was clean. Here I am almost naked on a table waiting for them to examine me. The cop was a female cop. I am waiting and getting impatient think they brought me some food? I was talking to the others too about this guy. SO the cop was listening and telling us he was around here. Well they did the exam rather strangely and then We had to sit waiting for some results. So I finally got to go and we were relieved i wasn't going to be arrested. --Think we were going to go go on a ride. I don't know if we went on the ride.


Dream 2-I think this started at home. The dining room is set up like when dad had been in his hospital bed. We thought he was dead. - and that's when he came alive in the dining room. We still had to help him since he is out of balance. -- and he is all jolly with everyone. Drinking with a straw on his bed and then telling max that he is the best - grandson [near our cellar steps] dad telling him to come down to let him see his favorite grandson.  We were all talking to him. Trying to get him to slow down. - -- and Kris and I had him in the bathroom where there are some boats? toy boats around he was looking at. We new he wouldn't stay alive for long, but we wanted to keep him happy.  I am trying to figure out this odd code and where it could be. I hear that they plan to sleep with dad, and i should sleep alone over at nicole's . I wasn't really happy about that.  I told kris that too. Even when dad was showing something to them- I think the boats? He had a story to tell about charles [from mash] and his buddy ] we were in some strange place] I could see him drinking from a straw. He was telling how Charles from mash had them drinking but he was also talking about Frank I think was really wacky story. THen he wasn't of sound mind.  I think I did see a vision of Charles and Frank doing something out on the compound and Hawkeye is upset with their delay but frank had to do some other thing for dad. h-- well I am trying to figure out that code where the heck it possibly could be- [with rachel too ] but I didn't want her to catch the code first. So we were in some strange area- and I finally realized after getting annoyed with The others for letting me sleep alone, I wasn't going to miss out this time on dad's dying and thought I could ask him if he forgives me. - Though I felt sad to ask him since he seems so happy. While we were fixing things up in the house. To plan for his demise. I thought maybe he wouldn't die. I was going to ask him but everyone was around him.  I then found a picture that had a saying from SETH SPEAKS on it and realized then that - THE CODE IS BEHIND THE PICTURE- SO I open it hoping Rachel don't see it yet. I am right -there is a CODE that is there on the bottom. So I went to tell the other excitedly about the code. and Rachel was shocked as KRis. I go over to nicole's and decided it be ok to sleep where hershey is. or was. I hoped to see her. - Though they kept asking me to come back, I still felt hurt about being excluded. I was annoyed so I stayed to pick up some stuff in the living room. End going to cont on other page. long***

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I guess this is a good sign, that dad is happy where he is and just coming in dream to show us. ?

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