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Family CODE OF CONDUCT and SHop lifter

Friday, September 5 2008 Views: 15960

Dream 2- cont- Well I am again with the  family telling them about where I found the code. I told Laurie its the picture from Seth Speaks . Dad even recalled that one more than the others. Then we are at some strange building. I Recall its some tour- that you can take. I think Dad wanted to go tour it. We see the sign and they tell us to come up closer to get in a ride like thing. So we all do and had to use 2 of them. I am sitting in the back , and this one person was tugging at a shall and I said "Hey give that back before it starts" I had to pull extra hard. Annoyed at whomever he was. The place starts out like a tunnel. [white area] - I think its some sort of show of how the police station or medical station works? We were in the dark but started to move quickly I had to say "Gee , too fast for me. " I was out and going on foot since I wanted to examine some stuff. I looked on the walls at some tour guides. Then I see the track is gaining on me. I had to quicly move over to the side. - I saw the station where we were able to explore and I hear some voices on the intercom on the desk I think I might of had to feel like I am Lucid. ? I was feeling like this place was where dad had to be left off and we didn't want him to be. Though he still seemed rather giddy and happy about being with everyone. The place was going through fast again and I also see Some area with WKRP cast- Johnny was doing something with a couch? I don't really recall what and I was telling them about Jennifer . Think she was there too trying to call about some mishap. ? Most of the cast was there. I had to get back in the cart though since its about to turn out to be the end- and -- We go out trying to hold on to our hats- I see the country side- and we were heading out on the street with this cart lol. Sunny though and I wondered if I should try to catch a bus instead of being on this thing.I recall that we were going down country area. towards essex. I still am annoyed I had to get left out.

Dream 3- cont- Well I am over in nicole's house, and picking up things missing hershey I think she actually showed up too and I was able to see if she wanted to go out. Like she is there saying she is ok TOO< I know nicole came back with ricky - - and she was actually bringing him to our house. I am trying to sit and rock before dinner and she wanted me to have him, I was like "NO NO go over there" - I shoved him over to Nicole. I am annoyed they are even there. The house feels a bit like the past too. I wanted to eat in peace, but she keeps bringing him over [in real life that is true]- Guess why I had the dream.

Dream 4-- Well I am out in the backyard playing some type of game- When I see Marlene and Ed too. I think I was playing with them in the yard for a little bit- and then I wanted to see her house- if Freddie was there. I asked marlene before we went to the mall where freddie was, She says in the other room I go over to her and the room looks different. I see she is showing me some cream that she wants to put on her face. - -- and she shows me that she puts them on her eye brows- and i see her lids are closed with this cream on it. I gave her a hug and wanted her to go to the shopping with us so they were both getting ready- and I told marlene about the - code puzzle and where it was , while at the store I could see some woman was looking stealth and had something in her back [some older woman with black short hair]- She managed to carry her bag out without getting beeped I wondered how she managed to do that. We were shopping then END>

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