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Home alone? & water Treasure- Missing bus

Tuesday, September 9 2008 Views: 15682

Dream 1-  I am near some water ,lake, and I could see someone had accidently tossed something from his hat,and it looked to be a folder- ? I wondered how he would go get it since it sank in the water. I actually I think float? over to where I had seen it . The water is murky and hard to see a bit.  I am in the water and trying to see where it was. I spotted something shinny and it looked to be a coin of some kind. I really wanted to get it, but I couldn't see it.  I am wondering how many other treasures are lost down there. I wanted to get some gogles. I think the area is near downtown? its semi-dark so I had to get out but thought about coming back.


Dream 2- This had to do with being at home. I had a chance to actually be alone- I am just waiting for mom and Dad to leave . I know mom is getting ready faster than dad. I had a strange feeling that he planned to not even go? I am getting impatient and nervous. He says he has a tooth ache and had to take some medicine. He's moving so slooow. I also know the garage sale is still going on , and Scott is out there . I hoped they closed up soon so I could have a chance of being alone.  I was out there too , helping and even nicole had a sale. I was trying to get people to purchase something so they can close- [mostly older relatives are here]I didn't really know know them. I go back in and dad had his coat on but still not moving fast enough.  I know he's in pain but I still wanted him to go - Mom is closing up and so is scott. IT felt promising, I then see oddly that dad is sitting near the [closed bathroom door] in a chair and his head is facing down . I said "Why are you sitting that way?when its bad for your blood pressure?" He just mumbled and I wondered if he was going to stay? I see mom getting her coat on and then I finally see dad getting on his but he seemed to still not desire to go and I am like 'GO GO" - wanting privacy. He finally leaves and I am relaxed a bit, i get a movie in and sit in mom's chair , but then I freakin see Laurie pull up and I planned to tell her I 'Want to be alone " since she seemed to want to sit at the kitchen table.  To which she says "I just have to check something out" I get annoyed and go back to the movie. I recall she did leave but I think I go with her somewhere and its a highway. ? Its a bit mixed up end.


Dream 3- I recall being with Starskey and Hutch again, we are out on our street and I think Starskey is actually riding a bike and trying to search for some man again. Though I think its funny to see them on a bike when they have a nice red and white car. Guess they had to go through the schoolyard . I recall talking to them in the house too.   

4)I remember being in the house and being near the living room when I heard the doorbell ringing, so I go to answer it and its a bit dark out but I see its NIcole and Ricky. I call this a nightmare now because they do come over and just without asking which is getting annoying.         

5)There were Some other scenes I think that had to do with school and I am trying to find out which bus we should be on I say "2" but the other girl [not sure if its marlene?} goes "I think its 10" The bus's are lined up and I see students going on the bus's I think we were suppose to be on 2 and its the first bus. She goes on some other bus, but I try to catch the first one but end up missing it? I am frantic trying to get on a bus that goes to my area.  I recall I think I had to go back and try to find a phone. Was lost. feeling ** and franitc. end.

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