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meeting up with friends and family death

Thursday, January 10 2013 Views: 317

dream 1- i am on our street and riding a odd bike ,even though its winter and i end up meeting first some young boy [only know in dream] ...and he is with some horse carriage with marlene and another boy , i am just riding around them and when they walk back up , i am stunned to see marlene has a rash on her whole body and , so did the boys and they think its from the carriage... was all over their body so they had to walk back with the carriage ...and i am riding sround them ..[she has on a blue and white striped shirt which i found odd because she don't like stripes and it looked like a mans shirt ...  

2 I am at home, and family is around - even dad.. I went in middle room and tried to talk to mom , but she was pushing me out with her caine and being nasty to me, which i could not understand, so i asked dad and scott what was going on with her and i guess she isn't doing well , they ad to be sure she is calm , but there is some other scene where she is at the hospital and we are waiting for news- am in the waiting area close by and we had to wait awhile,and hearing her in pain wasn't that nice of sound ...and i went to see her but she is still angry with me and sat up and was not nice ,  then she went to lay down again , but the nurse and docs say 'she is dead' and we were all in shock .. so was scott . [surprised he was there ] think max too all of us.  

when we went back home  it was not a pleasant feeling, esp after for me , since she was rude to me and yelling pushing me with her cain .. I recall Laurie seeing my phone and she asked'' is that new?"   and i showed her ''its just an upgrade, still same price '' trying to get her to believe me , but she had that look of uncertainty still [ sitting in living room] ....and i remember doing something strange again in middle room around the old dolls which was disney characters, aladdin and maria etc felt like a cartoon images of them -

I  recall also being in another town,with strangers [from dream only] and walking by the run down section...and also with simon and simon with motley crew and kiss some mix of famous people again, and mostly same thing with mash and frank etc at another building ... but am doing odd stuff can't really recall what ...cell  phone felt a bit vivid and marlene's scene too end

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