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Like Old Times..sweet kitty of mine..

Thursday, October 16 2014 Views: 166

Dream..I am at our old home,and was with mom- she is wearing her dark green outfit this time..I was helping her in the kitchen.I was hearing joey,scott,dad, like old times.. I think scott is as old as he is now-..and was talking about his 'pug' he got..showing us photos.. I then am in my other room..and was trying to find something [forgot what]..and mr perv is I am trying to get past him..but he was blocking my way ..[he is wearing the brownish tan shirt..]..He was wanting me to be near him..but I am with laurie and rachel.its back to laurie's house now-.. He was trying to hard..and I was able to get away from him...only for a short time.Then he was able to come near me again.but I told him 'back off or I will tell people' think he was trying to get me 'back' again..

I was then downstairs and was playing with a kitty..was grey and white ..I also was feeding it..and tried to get back into the house.but the house was locked up.. I am going around carrying the kitty so I went back to my old place..and was showing them the kitten..which almost got our bird.. we had to put the bird in the cage.I recall trying to keep the kitty in the middle room--but it was running around ..playfully..Mom was annoyed.."Get that dam cat out of here''

I went to get it and we went..out..were able to see the yard behind us, which I took the kitty to show bessette's. the kitten..which they all were petting it and holding it- * everyone loved it..I went out with marlene holding the kitty..think we wre downtown ,had been shopping for food- then was the same dream..where we were going to try to catch a bus..cloudy and windy*  I recall we were on the bus..and its very crowded and noisy...we were driving some backroads near shelburne road ..wasn't sure if we got off the near..the right area.* ..[again same place]..we went to another area..was near the mall..and we were inside..but the mall looked open,but they were going to close it we were trying to stay [had no kitten here]- in the place..but we were seeing guards we went out through the side the large parking lot--and walking around.backroads..with our shopping bags.near this hotel...[dark blue] looked like the same hotel as in past dreams...when I was in the hotel..I recall mom and laurie were here as well..[marlene not with me] we looked at the pool.which was small and not very clean..the room was semi dark..only one near a small hot tub..don't think we decided to leave.[not sure but think  mulder and scully were back in my dreams like this along time ago].. 

recall a few vague scenes..with Michael and travis..working on the lawns..and was helping him was with them in there yard going in the back and was playing with Dianna and Heather sobel..about the babies they had..but was confusing that I was in the present and past..* Was also in amy's door showing me the construction that was going on..she is very pleasant- which I never seen her be to any of us- except michael...  there were more scenes with Hershey [neigbhor's old dog] and nicole ex neighbor ..with walking near the old fences..talking ..then with mash characters..hawkeye was joking around...with frank and charles radar ,margret ..was funny because I could see frank yelling at hawkeye-..

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