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Lucidity is elusive /Trying to control gravity

Lucid Intent
Sunday, June 5 2016 Views: 323

1) school/lockers/felt vivid possible lucid/controlling able to open lockers when I said ''hmm, wonder what's inside,'' I tried to open them/dubious that they would/one locker Was open on the end/a vacuum cleaner was inside and some men shirts -dark green- ''Guess this is where they keep the cleaning stuff,'' /Able to open the locker/shocked/I tried the other lockers and they opened as well./I thought ''I assumed they were 'kept locked' /where I could  become even more lucid /There wasn't that many lockers 'green' a few lined up near the archway [no door] a window is at the end of the lockers. . was raining out /I am NOT really sure if I was lucid. I get confused by  these dreams . I am able to control some of it, like when I opened the lockers/ felt excited that I could /but then heard some people coming so I woke up or recall just went back into the dream and was with Harry Potter and Hermione,Ron..I think 'snape might of been around. crowded hallway in school not familiar.

2) I vaguely recall the rest , guess I slept deep last night..I do recall seeing /airplane/airport/possible went on plane -raining /saw another airplane that looked to be coming to close to ours/over water/felt a bit like I was floating in the airplane like astronaunts/don't recall how far we went.  I was mostly looking over at the other airplane and trying to control our plane but was struggling to stop me from moving.  

3) vague again , with mom and sharon baker over at the old house. we were talking about redoing the middle room [which use to be my room] for her baby. We were having 'tea'  the scenes I recall a bit changing from now to past. I was talking to nicole as well .. she told me about hershey and needing someone to watch her . Was all over the place as in the other mundane dreams.  Recall some others with dad and Joey watching the baseball games trying to clean when they were making the mess. 

Additional Comments:

I am not clear on its being a lucid dream. Even though I was able to open the closed lockers I guess it could mean I am 'trying to become lucid in so many ways. /lockers possibly a sign to 'keep trying ,they may [open] up sometime. ' The gravity part was also a possible 'do not give up despite the feeling of being 'stuck ' other dreams were just 'mundane' to me again. getting tired of them. need to get 'out of the old pattern. which I am trying. well guess I did manage to PUT THE IMAGE IN, JUST WAS TRYING IT AND LINKED THE URL ..SIMPLE HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO 'SHRINK' THEM. ;)

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