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Trying to use abilities to escape the crowd

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, March 7 2017 Views: 50

1- I am in some odd building,which it looks to be like a gymnasium  I am going towards a door ..There were some cheer games going on ..and I wasn't wanting to  see the audition..they were in blue and white outfits. dancing up and swinging with crowds cheering. I went quickly towards a door and wanted to go in..[this part felt like I could be lucid and trying to control opening the door..there was a light on and a screen covering the window door.. There were some people going towards me..I was grasping the handle but the lights went off..inside and I tried to get them to go back on again..but I couldn't see the lights on [felt like I really wanted to go through the door..I felt nervous with all the loud people around.. I tried it again, after they were trying to stop me -but then I woke up...

[felt real and able to control some parts of the dream- not the anxiety part ]

-----2  I am [dream from yesterday]- I go through through a door and its a tiny restaurant  and its very crowded [like a diner] I saw marlene with some other people and I was going to sit with her but she says ''sorry no no room'' went to sit near some other group, that was like from Taken- sci fi move-...I am just looking back at marlene siting with the other odd looking crowd- I felt rejected..not really fitting in, but .. they were trying to get me to talk and our friendly...When I woke up I felt the same as in the dream..end

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