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Something is 'Bugging Me ' Dad's visit [some death?}

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Thursday, March 9 2017 Views: 48

1 I am at my old house. I am out in our backyard, which in the dream it looked a bit bigger..and grass was like a wheat field. I am with mom and dad , doing some yard work and relaxing a bit with them out in the sun..Until I was trying to  swipe away some insects..Which at first they were normal size and like flying crickets. I went over to the silver porch door [was like when we were young ]- there were more that came from but odd looking shapes and bodies which some looked like silver , purple shell and I tried - to get  through the door. but they kept trying to follow me inside ''I will be inside'' they were over by the maple tree- 'you need to finish the yard work' dad said..' I will when the bugs are gone..' able to slam the door shut.. A few bugs got in , but I woke up then.

2- I then am walking to my old room and I happen to see dad is on my unmade bed..and he is only in his 'trunks for swimming which he use to show up in when he was wanting to talk to me..} when I had these dreams ...someone passed away - like mom had..only in this time he was not really talking about anyone , just holding a pillow- and talking slowly..I am not even really close to him.. it felt like it was just a visit of some type of possible message in the future , in the dream I didn't want to get closer [only because I didn't want to hear of anyone possible dying ] or i got a feeling that 'some part of 'ME" might be dyiing..woke up then..

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Guess I will keep this one another journal , to see if its possible in the future [hope not] or he could have just been visiting to say hello- he's enjoying after life- since he was in his swim-trunks

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