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Judge Me Not [judge judy }

Lucid Intent
Thursday, March 9 2017 Views: 45

1- The dream is odd [but like them odd ]-  I am at some court room- what looked like a court room..I notice judge judy is doing some case with a few people near the bench. I am talking to some .. and I wanted to talk with her since I watch her show a lot- She is busy with people. I saw her going through some papers and I hear her tell someone ''I am retiring and going to be a dentist'' I was shocked and knew there wouldn't be a jugde like her-. I was wanting to still talk to her and I am looking at odd - things on the black shelves aligning the wall. I was looking to see if I could go up and give her something but was really wanting to talking to her- about changing her mind..

I finally got  a chance to go up there, and was behind the two clients she was giving them papers- talking to them about the case and then why she was retiing - to be like her 'dad' he had been a dentist.. so she wanted to take over-  I tried to talk her out of it. talking to her about the - time he had done her teeth.. I was hearing her tell it, and also had the vision of his pulling out her tooth [kind of reminded me of Anne Frank } she was remembering- and I saw the tooth pulled out and - some blood on it. ..I don't think  it got her to change her mind. ..kept staying with her in the building.. wanting to go with her. and the place was like a old house with mahogony walls , stairs. think I saw dad around. someone that I think it was 'her dad still carrying some old teeth around. with him..    3 Forgot about some other scenes that was in a field and with some animals...and talking to some - odd characters short people- around the fiield etc.. odd creaturs like from 'jungle book' -

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