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Meeting unwanted guests

Lucid Intent
Saturday, March 11 2017 Views: 47

1- I am in my old backyard, and the pool was up- and I am sitting under the deck. I felt gloomy, and thinking of what I could be possibly leaning against..spiders web with eggs ? though I didn't get up, still feeling somber. I was wearing a blanket and a coat not a warm coat ..the sun was shining .Think it was winter but not really sure. I see some people around the yard , some were our family members and others were ex-classmates. I could hear them talking about bullies and laughing .. I think I heard someone mention my name and I was saying my bullies names..while they were all laughing ..Someone was walking by me and I was still saying the names. I think it might have been Gretchen  [another bully }-  and they heard me talking .  I hear them laughing again, and  the last part I remember is getting up to recite them again.. since I wanted them to know I remember them..

2- Then I am with marlene and we had been at a diner- and walking back towards our neighborhood.. I was going to follow her towards the path to the schoolyard , and I was having a good time , until I saw someone coming up the path. In the same coat as marlene was wearing..I knew it was cindy and I turned around.. SHe noticed I wasn't walking with her , 'Where you going?" I was trying to rush , and she was saying ''She is ok, why you going away?"  I didn't really want to join them [jealousy ]- and riled up that she was even  meeting up with us.. I felt that i just couldn't be with them, knowing she was going to flordia - with her [in waking life she is ]-   end

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Dealing with this in reality, and I am jealous- hurt- since she said 'she would rather be with cindy ' in some text message but still claimed I am a best friend..

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