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Ominous behavior

Lucid Intent
Sunday, March 12 2017 Views: 52

1-I am in a unfamiliar building. Its some sort of resort {least I think } -some strange people were around, going in and outside. I went to the backdoor, and Noticed the vast field and might of been a lake in the distance..Some old maple trees were spread out . Some people were sitting on some chairs , on the patio- It was so tranquil here, "Rosie and Hershey would love it here,''- I see some squrriels coming towards the door and I oddly let them in. The first squirrel was a odd shade of red and white reminded me of some goldfish color.  

I was going to try and get them back outside,but the scene changed to another location. I am viewing these scenes, and there is a older man and a youg girl in seperate beds ..and the old man is explaining something to her . Don't recall what it was ,but she went to him and hugged him. She turns around.. and seems to be sluggish. Holding him in a awkard position..I didn't think that was a proper way to hold a old man. Something in my gut said that some other perversion must be going on, to have her be so close. She was wearing a maroon color dress. It looked to be from the early 1800's but the room was like now.  

3 I then am walking around a spacious hallway, that had windows along the right wall..over looking a deck and some other type of room.. I could hear some ruckus going on as I walked down towards the patio. Some voice was sounding 'ominous' like some other voice was taking over what she was saying not quit sure what it was , she was saying something about 'Not being like before, and they couldn't do what they had been doing..I am trying to get to her and see some woman near the window 'I couldn't tell who she was , and tried to get her out of the trance so they could take some other woman back to the lobby [seeing some other type of action going on with possesion - ] -I couldn't get to the woman near the window , It was too small to even get through the window. In the deck area it was semi-dark and I only saw the figure and she was wearing a dress from the past [like the girl in the bedroom ]-

 3 I then am out by wiliston road, near gracy's parking lot. Its nightime, and I could see again a old man and a young girl sitting on the curb. I thought I saw Norma bates face on the young girl. He tells her that again he can't 'stay' - that was when she jumped onto his lap and hugged tight. This is like the scene in the hotel-room. I still felt something was obviously wrong with they're closeness.. end


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