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Lucid with the dead

Lucid Intent
Monday, March 13 2017 Views: 67

1-I am out in bessette's backyard [recall thinking about the empty house yesterday-  I am going up to the back-deck that isn't really sturdy to step on. I think of going in but got a bit of a chill..I then asked 'Ms bessette if she was there ' and I had my face against the glass door. She did suddenly appear and I jolted.. but was glad to see her. I asked her about death and about being a ghost. She seemed to be dancing and joking around [she had a good sense of humor } Think I went inside the empty house with her..for a bit . and then I see freddie whom startled me  Ms Bessette told me about freddie- and

The scene switched over to my old living room where freddie was sitting in the old chair we left there. I recall ms bessette came too.. She had the guitar with her , we were singing and I still was wary of freddie and then Marlene. I guess I had been thinking of them before bed, and so my dream must have picked up on it. {since am in a situation with marlene which is bugging me ]- so  I asked about her too and freddie was trying to make marlene  look bad - but I also recall  she was a lier too ]- was going around the house and packing up things- talking to various people..even mom and the bakers. I think I over heard marlene in the gargage talking to elizabeth- about leaving and going with cindy) -said something which made me pissed about us- so I was trying not to even talk to her she was talking to her mom. Whom was also around.still giving me warnings..

 recall some other vague scenes having to do with michael and the yard work etc..seeing Lily outside with them. Not sure about the other scenes , ha to do with Mash characters I think ..over near the school path. 

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