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Following whoopi -Trying to be a sport.

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Tuesday, March 14 2017 Views: 43

1 I am in some unfamiliar place,and I noticed its a strange neighborhood , well its like in a town setting. I go between the buildings, and saw Whoopi- walking into a ally way-into some place. I think it was hers. I kept following behind her on things ..I think they were some box's and pillows piled up .  and on the counters I am not sure why she is walking along them, but I felt  I had to be behind her  making sure she is 'safe' and her daughter is around cleaning up some clothes..and she was asking me  why I was following her.  I just shrugged and said "because just because.' Not caring what she thinks. and Whoopi was showing me some type of tea that is home made.  She was  really going around the cluttery apartment. and I was assisting her around the place , still following .her [after I heard the news about threats to her family on the view yesterday ] she is my fav actress.. 

2 I am in another unfamiliar area ,where I was talking to mom about something . It was about boys baseball team - and also joey  and wendy were around the scenes were switching from the other unfamiliar place think it was a basebul field. I am going around asking some of the team members [younger boys] about the games and how they were practiicing , they didn't seem to be happy and I think it was about how mom was teaching them.  

I was going around the area, picking up some baseballs to try and help them ..and some were just not thinking or trying since mom was still being - a stickler at getting better.  I also was talking to her and trying to get her to let me show them. SHe was like 'you- right no way' insulting. and I went over towards a building- and not sure where it was-  but the boys were following me and I was like ''Go back to practice'' but they were more interested in my birds and other animals. not sure if it was just animals or where it was.. and feeling sorry for the obese boy whom was dawdling around I was trying to cheer them out.  went to our school yard to teach them baseball and went to the inside for the baseballs. some other scenes were somewhere else with ..mike and crissy [think alan alda]- not quit sure what he was doing ..simon and simon scenes over the highway another familiar dream setting. end

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