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Whose the real father starskey or hutch

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Wednesday, March 15 2017 Views: 50

1-I am in some strange building [but it is familiar in dream some other dreams- ] I am with some unfamiliar people walking through some run down apartment rooms.. and I had found out i am pregnant with starskey's baby - and had been at home going out through the garage , not sure whom I was talking to..

I had to go tell him.  So that is when the dream switched to that run- down apartment , with strangers and then I found the apartment where Hutch lives and I went in to see where they were.  They were talking to some FbI agents I think about some case, and I was seeing some male in the hallway [some how I  was telling him about being pregnant. ] and think he thought it was his . I  am a bit confused who that was.. It might of been .. Hutch or Niles [from frasier ]-  He  thought he was the father,

I went into the bathroom - where I was startlled by a figure standing near me .. and he had a mask on [very tall ]- wearing some tiype of robe . He wasn't really talking , just pointing a fingure at me- and I had half way leaning into the tiny tub- Til someone came in , and he went out the other door. [not sure why the masked man was there wanting to put a mask on me]-  

I had to go tell hutch that he wasn't the father.  before Starskey came in .. and we were going to sit at some small table where I  was starting to tell him when Starskey did come in and I was asking him if I could 'talk to him '' - I was sitting down and he was getting a beer, I think hutch was around still. I had to start out a bit cautiously and felt I didn't even know how to really tell him. In the dream I felt that ' I still am not sure that he is the father but in the dream I was feeling that he was.  I only recall telling him at the small table. and didn't get his reaction-

3- I then am at Laurie's place, and in the kitchen. Asking about the money 'she owes me' She told me the money is somewhere around ..she was stalling .. and Rachel is doing dishes.. Laurie was telling me she has to go out, but then I noticed some jar [that i put cnange in ]- on the sink  and I think she was  not sure that she was willing to give it to me [not sure that it was the money]-  She gave me the container and we went out through the garage, She was still trying to take the container away from me and I am backed up against the front of the car [which looks like our old saturn car] and backed up near the stack with the yard stuff on it.. wasn't going to give her the money . a bit peeved that she was wanting it back. I think that I went back in my unit and had the money put it away. 

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