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Throwing up in all kinds of places

Lucid Intent
Sunday, March 19 2017 Views: 53

The scene takes place in some strange room. There is no carpet, and some scattered odd things around. I am trying to pick up my things and put it in my purse [which is made of cloth and is black,pretty big ]- I don't like to carry big purses.. I felt I am having to leave in a hurry, since someone with me [don't really see who it is ] told me I should hurry- because there is some man out in the woods. "Is he dangerous?"  Looking out the window I could only see the trees and darkness. [though there was snow on the ground]- I couldn't see the man , but felt some ominous presence outside.  

She asked me if I put my cell phone in my purse  I tried to find it, feeling I didn't have much time.. But I did see the light from the phone , 'guess I did have it . I didn't want the light to show when I was going out there.. I felt tense not really sure if I wanted to go out there.  

The last  scene I recall is of me 'Throwing up in different places by the door. The color was white and thick like glue- others were green .I woke up after the throwing up.

2- Back in the neighborhood and with mike , was trying to get the cars to work .. Some other mundane thing was going on.. and I was over at Laurie's place [in dream it was just her place ]- I helped her bring some 'Kittens' in and I was trying to avoid Mr Perv , since I sensed him in another room with one of his friends. and I over hear him talking about me - he was mentioning something about me and him.
I hear that - he was boasting about me.. I was shocked that he was bringing it  up when I wasn't able to mention a thing.. I think he wanted me to join them ,but I was still helping her with the kittens. ..    OTher things were about judge judy at our house with people and talking to mom about the WILL.. I think I was with mike most of the  time and saw Lilly outside with the new pup Shelby.  When I walked - through mike's yard, it wasn't  mike's place , I walked through and think I saw the Sobels. Mostly mr Sobel and I had to walk fast so he wouldn't see me.  I don't recall much else...only saw Nicole and Hershey - ms brown was petting  Some Cat .Near her yard. 

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