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Monday, March 20 2017 Views: 47

1- I am in the old backyard but there is a part of another yard that is unfamiliar , where ms browns backyard is, only it has so many trees and bushes scattered around both yards..I am walking around the bushes [sunny out ] and mom wanted me to help her find some kitchen tongs ,  she lost.  I  found it strange that she was thinking they were lost out in the yards. I was looking between the trees, and she said 'They are up on top somewhere " I look up to the tree tops, and there was a odd shelf packed up with clutter.. I hear her get annoyed with my failed attempts, and she went to get Joey.. I kept falling down the branches.. and I happen to notice something silver stuck between some blue bean bags.

I was determined to get the tongs.. hearing her talking to Joey.. I went up to the shelf and was trying to reach the tongs over the pile of stuff.  Mom was still telling me 'Not to even bother' I recall going down to where the bushes were, since she was letting Joey go up and get the tongs. The bushes I walked around  reminded me of the graveyard [on hinsburg road by the church]- I felt like I was in the graveyard , sensing that my brother scott [one who left us after parents died ] I didn't see him, only felt him. I looked between the bushes ,but mom called me back.

.3 Not sure if she got the tongs or not, The next scenes are a bit vague, and having to do with that old bridge that wasn't connected [still haven't  crossed yet]- Kris was driving, and she went down the hill - but she had to turn around which was a very tight turn with the road being half in the water.. I thought for sure we would make it this time, but the water was flowing over it- ..  

The rest are a bit vague, and had to do with mundane stuff , with mike and the neighbors sobels were there and recall that I had gone past them ,and still thinking it was 'mikes place'  but I saw the sobels. around. It was the old neighbors and the present ones. Ms brown was out talking to mom and petting some cat. - might of seen judge judy talking to people in our house..with a party going on.

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